Kasper-Key Sharing Network (KKSN) V2.4.2

Join the Kasper-sky Key Sharing Network where you will find always WORKING keys delivered to your machine.

This application is designed to read the database that is shared by all users and list over hundreds of keys offered to you for almost every week (there is Over 800 Keys working in the database, and always growing). There is no need any more to search the web for the latest keys (But you have to find the database list). All you have to do from now on is start this application, click on list the keys from the database and select the database file then select the keys that are valid for your software version, in average you will find each key hosted in FIVE servers (mirrors) that you need to download from then click to download it in seconds (No more Rapidshare to wait or Online to search) Download directly from the database which is updated every week with more keys.

With this application, it's the finale of the constant search for a valid key.

Keys list up to date as follow:
1- Keys for Kasper-sky Anti-Virus (KAV) Version 6, 7, and 8
2- Keys for Kasper-sky Internet Security (KIS) Version 6, 7, and 8

What is new in this Version?

Update News:
V1.2.0 Created to allow unlimited download for the 'KKSN Library Creators'
V1.2.3 Auto Update problem fixed to include all versions.
v1.2.5 Some minor tweaks and fixes that used to affect the message the user receive when 'List Keys' button clicked.
+'KKSN Library Creators' were not able to open the application again if they exceed 75 downloads - This issue is fixed.
+ Another minor fix for the 'List Keys' Button.
+ The download limit reduced to 25 a day for any regular user, 'KKSN Library Creators' still unlimited.
v1.2.7 Fixed the message the user receive when the application check for update.
v2.0.0 A major upgrade of the application, adding the following functions:
+ Ability to read the Blacklist and the Keys files.
+ Intergraded Key Viewer with a better flexibility than the Kaspersky official Key Viewer.
+ Ability to change the key to the correct name, based on the encrypted data in the keys.
+ Detect the Blacklisted key before downloading.
+ Opened a new world for upcoming versions of KKSN.
v2.1.0 This is a forced upgrade to ensure the Maximum download is changed for every one. The following changes made:
+ Fix the issue that made part of the application process to hang even after the application exit.
+ The Keys gets validated the moment it's downloaded. if the key is invalid, it will be deleted and will show that it's invalid key. Also, the correct name will be displayed if different than the key name.
+ Minimum size will not allow the user to reduce the size of the main form if the Blacklist control is Visible.
+ Fixed the Blacklist Load to allow The Automatic to search All Drives, A folder/Drive, or Download from online server. Also, added a button for the Manual selection that allows the user to change the file path.
+ Fixed the message in the download status when all mirrors not working.
+ "List Key" Button will not be enabled if the Blacklist Control is visible.
+ Reduced the number of download per day to 5.
+ Improved the Blacklist load
+ Improved the Download counter to count only the valid keys and delete the invalid ones.
v2.1.0Minor updates to correct the following:
+ Application stays functional even if the user exceeds the download quota of the day.
+ ensure the application and any related process are terminated when user quit the application.

v2.2.0 Minor updates to correct the following:
+ Application stays functional even if the user exceeds the download quota of the day.
+ ensure the application and any related process are terminated when user quit the application.

v2.3.0 Major Change to do the following:
+ Hide the Key Number from the view in the list, to avoid having it blacklisted by just the list view.
+ Create level tiers for the KKL Creator (Will explain that further in the future)
+ Allow the user the ability to download more than the limited amount by using methods that will be explained later.
+ Fixed few other minor issues.

v2.3.1 Fixed the problem that was presented in V2.3.0 when non-admin or Vista user starts the application.

v2.4.0 Major changes as follow:
+ Fixed the issue with some users when trying to use the Toolbar, they still get 5 Downloads.
+ Show the Chinese Key Version (if the KKL made with this version of KKSN)
+ Allow Multi address redirection for the Application Update Post and the KKL files Post. When using the buttons in the KKSN, it will randomly direct you to one of the KKSN Home bases. This will ensure you still access the application update or KKL files even if one of the sites is down.
+ In the past there was two ways for hacking the by pass of the 5 key download limitation. This is fixed now to ensure users can't change some parameters or change the date on the computer system, because the application synchronizes with the Internet Time Servers now. :)
+ New Publisher System that allow a new plan of distribution.

v2.4.1 Fixed another major issues caused by the previous version.

v2.4.2 Fixed the TB integration issue, and the NTP message corrected.


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