Request Here for software,Tutorials and other.

Request Here for software,Tutorials and other.

Today we are very happy to announce this news that we are starting a new service for our visitors.The service name is "Request Here for software,Tutorials and other".
In this post you can request and ask for any software,tutorials and other things related to IT.

How to request and ask just leave a comment in this post and our team try their best to give your solutions.Please request and ask anything about IT but in manner way other wise our team will ban you.
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google earth 5.0 has been released

Google Earth 5.0 has been released

Google Earth 5.0 is now available as a free download for both Mac and PC users. The update includes several significant and impressive features including the addition of the Earth's oceans and Mars in 3D. There are hundreds of new features, too many to list here, but highlights include new water effects, as you fly from one continent to the next you'll notice that the surface of the water is now textured and, for those of you with newer graphics cards, is also animated.
google earth

google earth 1
As you zoom into the water, you can now submerge below the surface and if you're near section of land you'll see the underwater terrain and can now explore it much like a submarine would. The oceans have been given more than twenty layers of interactive features including listings of dive spots and wrecks plus video clips from National Geographic and Arkive among others. You can now view the GPS tracking data from tagged Great White sharks and other animals and even view solutions for sustainable fishing.
google earth 2
google earth 3
A new timeline feature allows you to view locations in transition using satellite data over a period of time, such as the shrinking of the polar ice caps or the construction of Olympic stadiums, And finally, a new Mars view has been added that shows the red planet with 3D imagery. Click on the planet icon at the top to move between Earth, Sky, and Mars modes. I've just dived into it myself, I'll post more details and screenshots soon.
Download And More details are here.



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