Get free 1year genuine license of Panda IS

Genuine Panda License

Offer to get a free Panda Internet Security 2009 license key valid for 1 year. This is a joint promotion between Panda and Softonic where by two companies will each give 6 months subscription and it adds up to a year. Please don’t misunderstand because it doesn’t involve uninstalling and reinstalling like the Norton OEM trick. Hmm Panda Internet Security 2009, it’s not as famous as Kaspersky, so what’s good about it?
As you know every antivirus has their own heuristic technology such as Norton SONAR, Kaspersky proactive, F-Prot Eldorado, BitDefender B-HAVE, F-Secure DeepGuard, Panda Collective Intelligence and etc to detect previously unknown computer viruses, as well as new variants of viruses already in the wild. According to AV-Test, the latest Panda Internet Security 2009 seems to perform really well in this area with its Collective Intelligence technology by scoring the highest (even outscoring Kaspersky). So if you’d like to try out, here’s how to get a free Panda Internet Security 2009 genuine license key worth US $79.95!
Panda Internet Security 2009 is a security suite that lets you use the Internet with complete peace of mind. It protects you from viruses, spyware, rootkits, hackers, online fraud, identity theft and all other Internet threats. The anti-spam engine will keep your inbox free from junk mail while the Parental Control feature ensures your children can use the Web safely. And thanks to the new Collective Intelligence technology, the solution is now much faster than previous versions.
Panda Internet Security 2009 Features:

Anti-Malware Engine
Advanced Proactive Protection
Personal Firewall
Anti-Phishing Filter
Anti-Banking Trojan Engine
Anti-Rootkit Technology
Anti-Spam Filter
Parental Control
Web Filter
Personal Information Filter
Backup & Restore
Follow the few simple steps below to get your free Panda Internet Security 2009 serial number:

1. Go to this page
Enter your email, password, username, firstname, lastname, date of birth, select your Gender and click “Mein Konto erstellen” button.

3. You will now need to activate your Softonic account. Check your email and you should receive an email from Softonic ( with the subject Anmeldung bei bestätigen‏.

Click the bold link named 'ANMELDUNG BESTÄTIGEN' that you see in that email to activate your account.
Your account activated now close window and

Now go to this page Wait until the game finished loading then proceed to the next step. The flash game is 600KB in size and might take a while to load because the server is a little slow. It is up to you to play the game or not…

5.Go to and note down the Seriennummer displayed at the webpage.
Panda internet security serial

6. Go to

From First step choose your Language and Country And click Next.

Then chose 'NO' in 2nd step from drop down menu and click NEXT.

And also choose 'NO' in 3rd step from from drop down menu and click NEXT.

Now we are going to 4th step the main part.Fill all the required fields in form and enter the Seriennummer that you got from step 5 into Activation code box.

7. Check your email that you entered in step 6. You should receive an email from with the subject Welcome to Panda Security. Note down the username & password, Activation Code and Customer Number.

8. Go to this page
and login with the username & password that you got from step 7.

9.Download Panda Internet Security 2009. You MUST login in order to download or else you will get the error Access Denied.

10. Open Panda Internet Security 2009 from the system tray, go to Help > Activate the product. Click Next, enter your Activation code, email address and click Next. Make sure Yes is selected when asked are you a Panda Security client. Enter your client number which is actually your “Customer Number” and select your country from the drop down list. Click Next. You will now see that the license expires information stated in the program is one year ahead.

Go ahead and grab your free Panda Internet Security 2009 license key before this offer expires!

Great security tool rohos logon Key

Rohos Logon Key

security system
This application allows you to reuse your USB flash drive to access your Windows.

Here are some key features of "Rohos Logon Key":

· Stores and auto-fill Windows password by using your USB flash drive.
· Shows clock, date and customized text messages on the welcome screen.
· Set new shutdown dialog (loggoff screen) with customized picture, always visible hibernate button and 'on computer' time counter.
· Allows you to edit user list on the welcome screen.
· USB-stick Security features:
· Automatically locks your desktop upon removal of the USB stick (flash drive).
· Protects USB flash drive by PIN code entry.
· Anti-keylogger features: Virtual keyboard for PIN code.
· Secures your shares by eliminating unwanted access to your shared folders.
· Allows to customize welcome screen with:
· Your logo background picture
· Bigger user account image (icon for user account). (Only for Win2k)
· Caption and text messages (works like reminder).



Fast Satfinder

Sat Finder

sat finder
Fast Satfinder v2.6.0 | 6.5 MB
An extremly fast and easy Satellite Finder for Windows platform that will help you to setup a satellite system and easily find the signal from a satellite. There is no learning curve, and you will get professional results in just a few minutes. It's very easy.

You say Easy Yes! The FastSatfinder will speak you the signal strength and/or quality and has many other cool features built in that are helpful for the novice and more advanced user.

Supported Devices:

Many devices are supported and the list of supported devices is growing constantly:
Acorp TV878DS/DS110/DS120
ADS Tech Instant TV DVB-S (Part Number: PTV 341)
Aver DVB-S
Compro VideoMate DVB-S
FireDTV, Floppy DTV
GeniaTech DigiStar DVB-S/S2 cards
Hauppauge Nova SE2/HD-S2/HVR3000/HVR4000...
Kworld DVB-S 100 compatible (Vstream, Dynavision..)
LifeView FlyDVB DVB-S/Trio/...
Netcast DVB
Nexus, Premium (SkyStar1 driver 2.x from TechnoTrend)
Pinnacle PCTV Sat/Pro/Dual...
Technisat SkyStar 2, SkyStar HD, SkyStar USB 2.0, SkyStar USB Plus(use TT-Connect 2400)
TechnoTrend TT1200/1401/2400/3200/3600/3650
TwinHan 1034/1041/... and compatible (VisionDTV, Power Color, Chaintech,...)
Other DVB-S Cards with BDA driver (With some cards problems are possible)


Casper v5.0.1294-Backup Soft.



New Version 5.0 Now Available!
The Ideal Backup Solution for Windows
Designed exclusively for Windows, Casper makes it a snap to keep an instantly bootable backup hard disk for your system. When disaster strikes, you can use your backup as a complete and immediate replacement for your original hard disk. It's that easy!
*Casper creates a complete copy of your system hard disk, including the operating system, applications, settings, and all of your data.
* Easy-to-use wizards quickly guide you through the process step-by-step.
* Safely test-boot your system from a backup at any time for added assurance!

Easy-to-Use, Safe and Dependable

While other solutions promise ease of use and peace of mind, Casper delivers using state-of-the-art technology designed specifically for Windows.

Clear, easy-to-follow wizards guide you through the entire process step-by-step, while features such as SmartStart™, 1-Click Cloning™, and Integrated Scheduling ensure anytime is right for a backup.

You can schedule a backup copy to be performed automatically -- daily, weekly, monthly, or at any time desired. Casper's exclusive Advanced Power Management functionality can even wake your computer in the middle of the night to perform a copy completely unattended and then safely return it back to sleep while you sleep!

With Casper's exclusive 1-Click Cloning support, on-demand backups are just a click away too. And by taking advantage of new Vista specific features such as I/O prioritization and I/O cancellation support, Casper's exclusive Automatic Performance Throttling support ensures the backup completes entirely in the background without interfering with your work.

Casper's exclusive Automatic Copy Verification brings backup dependability to a new level by automatically verifying the backup during the cloning process. With Automatic Copy Verification, you can rest easy knowing that your backup has not been compromised by faulty RAM, a defective cable, failing disk, or bad controller interface.
Stress-free, Rapid Recovery

In the event of a hard disk failure, the backup copy created by Casper can be used as an immediate and permanent replacement for the failed hard disk. Since Casper does not store your data in a proprietary format, there is no special rescue disk or lengthy data restoration process required to facilitate a recovery. You have complete and immediate access to all of the data on your backup. In fact, testing a backup created with Casper is as easy as restarting your computer directly from the backup hard disk.
Recovering from a hard disk disaster doesn't get any easier!



Winnie Coloring Images for Children

Winnie Colouring Images
Winnie Coloring Images for Children

Rapidshare link:

Free Genuine License of Kaspersky Internet security 2009

Genuine License For Kaspersky Internet Security 2009


Registered to: dlcomplete download

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 6.01

Ashampoo Winoptimizer

Microsoft Windows may have got more advanced but the need for effective maintenance is greater than ever. If you don?t houseclean your computer system regularly the digital garbage that collects over time makes it slower and can even cause inexplicable errors ? usually when you need them least. With the reliability of 11 years of experience, Ashampoo WinOptimizer 6 makes Windows maintenance fast and easy ? and it works for Windows XP just as well as it does for Vista. The One-click Optimizer does what it says and you can even schedule it to run automatically so that you don?t need to think about it at all. It keeps your Windows computer running as fast and smoothly as on the first day you bought it. In addition to efficient Windows maintenance you also get a whole suite of powerful, easy-to-use tools that enable you to configure and tune your Windows computer so that it works exactly the way you want it to.

The WinOptimizer Toolbox:
- AntiSpy Module - New!
- Context Menu Manager - New!
- Hard Disk Defragmenter - New Version!
- One-Click Optimizer - Improved
- Drive Cleaner - Improved
- Registry Optimizer - Improved
- Internet Cleaner - Improved
- Windows Tweaking Tools - Improved
- System Benchmark - Improved
- StartUp - Tuner
- Process Manager
- File Undeleter
- File Wiper
- File Splitter & Joiner
- Real- time Backup
- DiskSpace Explorer and System Information
- File Encrypter & Decrypter
- Vista Sidebar Gadget
- Visual Styler
- Icon Saver

New Features in Version 6:
Defrag 3 Disk Defragmenter and Service As you use your hard disk the information on it becomes ?fragmented?, making your computer slower. The brand-new Defrag 3 disk defragmenter does the best job ever of defragmenting your hard disks and it comes with a new background service that automatically keeps your hard drives defragmented whenever your computer is idle. The advanced new Boot Time Defragmentation makes Windows start faster. You can run Defrag 3 manually or schedule it to run at regular times or intervals. The continuous background service with a new predictive defragmentation algorithm actually prevents fragmentation before it can happen. It automatically cuts in and defragments your hard disk when your computer is idle, never interfering with your work or other programs. The result is hard disks that are always ?freshly defragmented?.

New features:
- Manual, scheduled and automatic defrag options
- Completely new advanced defrag algorithm
- New Boot Time defrag makes Windows start faster
- Powerful, efficient and safe for maximum performance
- Radically improved Windows Vista support
- Exceptionally efficient, very low system load and memory use
- Preview of current hard disk fragmentation with analysis
- Include in One-Click Optimization

AntiSpy Module
This module provides a collection of settings for Windows services and other programs that like to ?phone home? and tell Microsoft or their manufacturers about your computer and what you are doing. The settings let you control and stop this behavior to protect your privacy and security, for example for Windows Media Player, the Windows error reporting service and others.

- Automatic configuration with selectable profiles
- Additional individual configuration options for full control
- Full support for both Windows XP and Windows Vista

Context Menu Manager
The new Context Menu Manager enables you to view and manage the contents of right-click context menus in Windows, giving you full control. Popup context menus are displayed when you click the right button on your mouse. They?re useful and configurable and many programs add entries to them to allow you to give you direct access to special functions. The Context Menu Manager gives you detailed information on all the entries and enables you to activate or deactivate them for individual and multiple file types.

Favorites Tab
The new Favorites tab makes using WinOptimizer 6 even easier by giving you direct access to the functions and modules you use most frequently. The program automatically lists the functions you use in the Favorites tab so that you can return to them quickly. Once you?ve used a function or module it becomes even easier to use it again. In addition to this the tab also displays interesting information on how you use the program functions ? date of use, frequency of use, last use and so on.


Windows XP Media Center OEM Corporate

Windows XP Media Centre

media center
Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 OEM|680MB

Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 is an operating system that enables you to enjoy the best in home entertainment, personal productivity, and creativity on your home PC in an easy, complete, and connected way. With Media Center Edition 2005, you can store, share, and enjoy all of your photos, all of your music, all of your home video, and even recorded TV in one sleek and easy to use place.Computers powered by Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 are called Media Center PCs. They are complete Windows XP-based PCs enhanced for home entertainment. These computers represent the evolution of home PCs into digital media hubs that bring together your entertainment choices and allow you to access them with one remote control.


The Tales Of Beedle The Bard

Ebook--The Tales Of Beedle The Bard

Harry Potter - The Tales Of Beedle The Bard
Children's High Level Group; Standard edition |December 4, 2008| 65 pages| English | ISBN-10: 0545128285 | PDF | RAR

In December 2007, J.K. Rowling unveiled The Tales of Beedle the Bard, a very special book of five fairy tales illustrated by the bard herself, embellished with silver ornaments and mounted moonstones. Amazon was fortunate to come into possession of one of the original copies, and it was our privilege to share images and reviews of this incredible artifact. Now J.K. Rowling is giving millions of Harry Potter fans worldwide cause for celebration with a new edition of The Tales of Beedle the Bard, available December 4, 2008.

"The Tales Of Beedle The Bard" is a collection of stories written for young wizards and witches.
1. The Wizard and the Hopping Pot
2. The Fountain of Fair Fortune
3. The Warlock's Hairy Heart
4. Babbitty Rabbitty and Her Cackling Stump
5. The Tale of the Three Brothers

Offering the trademark wit and imagination familiar to Rowling's legions of readers--as well as Aesop's wisdom and the occasional darkness of the Brothers Grimm--each of these five tales reveals a lesson befitting children and parents alike: the strength gained with a trusted friendship, the redemptive power of love, and the true magic that exists in the hearts of all of us. Rowling's new introduction also comments on the personal lessons she has taken from the Tales, noting that the characters in Beedle's collection "take their fates into their own hands, rather than taking a prolonged nap or waiting for someone to return a lost shoe," and "that magic causes as much trouble as it cures."

But the true jewel of this new edition is the enlightening and comprehensive commentary (including extensive footnotes!) by Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, who brings his unique wizard's-eye perspective to the collection. Discovered "among the many papers which Dumbledore left in his will to the Hogwarts Archives," the venerable wizard's ruminations on the Tales allow today's readers to place them in the context of 16th century Muggle society, even allowing that "Beedle was somewhat out of step with his times in preaching a message of brotherly love for Muggles" during the era of witch hunts that would eventually drive the wizarding community into self-imposed exile. In fact, versions of the same stories told in wizarding households would shock many for their uncharitable treatment of their Muggle characters.

Professor Dumbledore also includes fascinating historical backstory, including tidbits such as the history and pursuit of magic wands, a brief comment on the Dark Arts and its practitioners, and the struggles with censorship that eventually led "a certain Beatrix Bloxam" to cleanse the Tales of "much of the darker themes that she found distasteful," forever altering the meaning of the stories for their Muggle audience. Dumbledore also allows us a glimpse of his personal relationship to the Tales, remarking that it was through "Babbity Rabbity and Her Cackling Stump" that "many of us [wizards] first discovered that magic could not bring back the dead."

Both a wise and delightful addition to the Harry Potter canon, this new translation of The Tales of Beedle the Bard is all that fans could hope for and more--and an essential volume for the libraries of Muggles, wizards, and witches, both young and old.


Torchsoft Malware Defender 1.2.3

Malware Defender

malware removal
Torchsoft Malware Defender 1.2.3 | 2 MB

Malware Defender is a HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) with low resource usage and latency. It is effective to protect your computer system from all forms of malware (viruses, worms, Trojans, adware, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits, etc.).

Malware Defender is also an advanced rootkit detector. It provides many useful tools that can be used to detect and remove already installed malware.Whether you are an expert or not, Malware Defender is your choice to protect your system.

Realtime protection system

Monitors process, file and registry activity for suspicious behavior.
Detects all forms of malware, whether known or unknown.
Supports learning mode and silent mode.
High performance and low resource usage.
Process manager

Detects hidden processes and threads.
Detects unsigned processes and modules.
Kills processes and threads using advanced method.
Suspends/resumes processes and threads.
Unloads modules of processes.
Closes handles of processes.
Kernel module manager

Detects hidden kernel modules and kernel threads.
Detects unsigned kernel modules.
Kills, suspends and resumes kernel threads.
Kills kernel DPC (Deferred Procedure Call) timers.
Hooks detector

Detects and removes system service table hooks (SSDT hooks).
Detects and removes Win32k service table hooks (shadow SSDT hooks).
Detects and removes interrupt descriptor table hooks (IDT hooks).
Detects and removes SYSENTER handler hook.
Detects and removes kernel object hooks.
Detects and removes kernel notify routines.
Detects and removes kernel mode code hooks.
Detects and removes user mode code hooks.
Detects and removes global message hooks.
Detects attached devices.
Detects hooked driver dispatch routines (IRP hooks).
Autostart application manager

Scans all known autostart locations.
Detects hidden autostart entries.
Detects newly added autostart entries.
Undoes and redoes deletion of autostart entries.
File explorer

Detects hidden files and folders.
Shows and deletes NTFS Alternate Data Streams (ADS).
Deletes in-use files.
Registry editor

Full functional registry editor.
Detects hidden registry entries.


Get Free account

Get Free account

If you Google technical problems you must have encountered Experts-Exchange.Com page as a possible solution to your problem only to find that you need to buy a paid-subscription and upgrade to Premium Membership to view the solution, However, you can simply scroll to the bottom of the page to see all the answers including the solution.
Answer Not Visible
free account

The best way to get full-access to site with the ability to ask questions from experts is to signup for an Experts-Exchange account, but using the Signup link provided on the website requires credit-card to purchase the premium membership as shown below.
get free account
However, there is a pretty unknown backdoor signup link allowing you to signup for free as shown below.
free accounts

Off Road Arena

Off Road Arena Game

Name: Off Road Arena
Genre: races, arcade

Do you search a shocking race on the lack of roads in arcade style, which will allow you literally to enjoy a management? Then press a gas pedal in a floor in the game of Off Road Arena! Here recipe of class entertainment: mix up one part of furious speed, 2 parts of dirt and dust and 3 parts of adrenalin. Mix properly, and you will get an enthralling racing game which you saw some time! Your pleasure ot the professionally executed racings routes and quite different modes of game will be unsurpassed, so that quick for a helm and press on gas!

Requirements of the systems:
OS: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me
Memory: 32 MB
CPU: P 200


Final Uninstaller v2.0.9.308+Keygen

Final Uninstaller

Final Uninstaller offers a new and better way to make your PC run more efficiently by cleaning up files and registry entries that were left after unsuccessful uninstallation. The program is based on a powerful leftovers database to support many functions of thoroughly scanning your computer, intelligently detecting leftover files of various programs, clearly listing applications that can be removed and completely uninstalling with only one click… This easy-to-use Final Uninstaller allows you to say goodbye to nerve-wracking leftovers and to speed up you PC performance.

Final Uninstaller provides ultimate uninstall experience for you:

* Thoroughly scan your entire Windows registry and drives
* Intelligently detect hidden leftover folders and files
* Safely and permanently uninstall nerve-wracking leftovers
* Provide user-friendly interface with1-click Scan and 1-click Clean
* Provide free technical support and online upgrade service

As the result of the increasing demand for greater functions, many applications are more and more complicated. Every program installation on Windows may cause the operating system to change in a big way, such as copying system files, modifying registry, generating log files, installing device drivers and system services. All of these operations will affect the system performance and occupy disk space. Installing and uninstalling software repeatedly is often the case, which will cause system slowdown, freezing or crashing. It may also lead to some mysterious error messages popping up or other new software can’t be installed correctly. Final Uninstaller has a scientific method of dealing with these problems.

Final Uninstaller key features :
* The powerful database embodies abundance of features that stubborn left files have.
* Realize real-time updating of database and free technical supporting.
* Scan left files intelligently and detect invalid uninstall entries accurately.
* Delete stubborn left-over files which Windows Add/Remove Programs can’t do.
* Delete stubborn left-over registry entries which Windows Add/Remove Programs can’t do.
* Safely uninstall stubborn drivers that are left by Windows Add/Remove program.
* Safely uninstall system services that are left by Windows Add/Remove program.
* 1-click Scan and 1-click Clean make removing applications and left-over files easily.




CopyFaster - Copy & Paste Faster!

Are you getting the best performance out of your system? Let CopyFaster bring out the best in your hard drive!
CopyFaster is a software utility that enables Windows Explorer to copy big files faster when copying to and from the same hard drive.

CopyFaster is faster because:

Less seeking - CopyFaster’s finer control over the copying process causes less time-consuming movement of the hard disk head. CopyFaster will try to read from the same section of the hard disk (where the head is positioned) multiple times before causing the head to move to another position (which is time consuming).
• Uncached file access - CopyFaster bypasses Windows 2000’s file cache which normally speeds up repeated access to the same file, but is less useful for big files. Bypassing the file cache prevents extra wasted memory-to-memory copying from occurring.


DefenseWall HIPS v2.45


More efficient than an anti-virus! Isolate good from evil.

DefenseWall HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) is the simplest and easiest way to protect yourself from malicious software (spyware, adware, keyloggers, rootkits, etc.), that can not be stopped by your anti-virus and anti-spyware programs, when you surf the Internet!

Using the next generation proactive protection technologies, sandboxing and virtualization, DefenseWall HIPS helps you achieve a maximum level of protection against malicious software, while not demanding any special knowledge or ongoing online signature updates.

No signatures, no popup windows, no false positives.
It is just reliable and transparent protection, easy to use and strong.

Home Page -

Safety evaluation of bundled patch:


Easily Update Kaspersky Offline


how to update Kaspersky products offline, one of the discussed method made use of a pretty unknown official Kaspersky updater utility, the free command-line utility is now in public beta and allows downloading of all Home and corporate Kaspersky Lab's product updates to a folder of your choice for offline update, the good thing is that the new version now supports a GUI to control the CLI Universal updater utility.

Using Kaspersky Universal Updater is pretty straightforward, all you need to do is to download the utility and GUI companion from here, extract both the programs in a single folder, configure options using the GUI and click start which will launch the CLI downloader, The Kaspersky Universal Updater is also smart and only downloads differential updates on subsequent runs, so once the initial updates are downloaded subsequent runs will only download few KB's.

Once all updates are downloaded to your folder of choice you can follow the update method described Below to update your Kaspersky products offline.
f you are stuck without an internet connection and need to update your Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 or Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 you can perform an offline update via the inbuilt feature provided by the software or standalone updating utility provided by Kaspersky, I will be sharing two methods for performing offline updates for your Kaspersky products from a local folder.

Update Method:

For using the first method you will need a computer installed with Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009/Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 having access to internet, from this computer we will be copying the downloaded updates and then apply them to other computers without internet access, version of products installed on source and target computers should coincide.

1. Right-click Kaspersky system-tray icon and select Settings as shown below.

Click on the Update option from the Settings screen.

# From the right part of the window click the Settings button and then goto Additional tab.
# Enable the checkbox option Copy updates to folder.

5. Use Browse button to select a different output folder from the default.
6. click OK to close each window.
7. Run update so all anti-virus databases updates are copied to your folder of choice selected in Step No. 5 above.
8. Copy all the files inside the folder selected in Step No. 5 above to target computers or removable media.

Now, to update the target computers follow the steps below:

1. Right-click Kaspersky system-tray icon and select Settings as shown below.

Click on the Update option from the Settings screen.

# From the right part of the window click the Settings button and make sure Source tab is selected as shown below.
# Clear the checkbox Kaspersky Lab’s update servers.

# Click the Add link
# Browse the folder on local or removable disk into which databases and application modules have been previously saved.

# click OK to close each window.
# Run the update process.

99 Names Of Allah

Names of The Almighty Allah
Names of The Almighty Allah
Here are the 99 names of Allah in some different formats.

.ai (CS2)
.eps (CS2)
.png (2385 x 2856 Pixel)
.jpg (2385 x 2856 Pixel)


Boost Windows 2009 2.1[Portable]


Boost Windows 2009 is a revolutionary system booster. Unlike other similar software, they may require you know much knowledge of computer like registry editor, system configuration, and you may have to take the risk of damaging your system. With Boost Windows 2009, you can complete the system optimization in a few "Next" clicks. Your Windows will be fine-tuned to a perfect status - like it was just completely reinstalled with all updates, fast, reliable, and safe.

Improving the performance and privacy of a PC was previously the job of experienced IT specialists. Boost Windows 2009 combines a range of professional level tools that specifically target system performance optimization, privacy enhancement and hard disk cleanup. System settings, Internet usage, disk clutter, RAM and CPU are all automatically scanned, cleaned and optimized for peak performance.

With Boost Windows 2009 running regularly, you can keep Windows clear and stable, never have pain to reinstall Windows time to time. From our tests, Boost Windows 2009 can boost Windows system for 30% to 50%, including boot and shutdown, program running performance, game FPS, etc. You can get all these with a few mouse clicks, all operations are automatic and safe!

Boost Windows 2009 is just designed to solved these problems, it can do a lot of optimizations to Windows, including:
• Speed up CPU cache
• Speed up Internet Dial-up speed
• Speed up disk speed
• Speed up system startup and shutdown
• Improve stability
• Improve Game experience
• Wipe unnecessary junk files
• Repair bad registry
• and much more!

Homepage -


Antechinus Animator Professional 8.6.3


Antechinus Animator Professional - Easily create animations, videos, images and sound. Unique animated effects. Antechinus Animator Professional easily creates and edits animations, images, videos and sound files: Over 40 formats supported.

Have your first animation running in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES with morphing or multitudes of other animated effects. No need to guess: see in real time what happens as each option is changed. Show-case your product/service or enhance your family photos with stand-alone musical slide-shows. View and organize all images on your computer. Save time: process, convert, and do multiple changes to multiple files in ONE SINGLE go. You can even do it from other programs or command line. Waste no time on repetitive animation/imaging jobs - Animator automates intelligently everything that can be automated.

Do with ease common animation/imaging tasks: merge animations with sound files, extract images and sounds from videos, or put videos or sound files together.
Give new life to your family photos: enhance and perfect them with over 30 filters and effects. Optimize files to load your web pages up to 75% faster. Reduce the size of already compressed images by further 40-65% with the best compression tools available. The preview lets you see how the image will look like and how big it will be in the optimized state. You even know how fast it will load depending on your visitors' connection speed with the built-in download time calculator.

Also, create roll-over buttons for the web with one click, and visually create image maps. Enhance the visual appeal of your images with drop shadows, embossing, and blending. Illustrate your documents, presentations, web pages, or applications with advanced screen and resource capturing. Capture anything of any shape you see on screen, manually or automatically, or capture images, icons, and cursors embedded into programs (.exe) and dynamic libraries (.dll). ever before seen precision polygon/freehand capturing with zoom preview. Capture images directly from scanners, cameras and other devices, to retouch and perfect them.

Supported Animation/Video formats
Audio Video Interleaved (avi). This format is widely supported, with varying quality/compression ratios depending on the codec you select. Avi files can contain sound.Autodesk FLIC/FLIC-Pro (flc, fli). This is a 256-color animation-only format.CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format (animated gif). This format is Widely used on the Internet. Animations are highly compressed and can have up to 256 colors. Animated gif cannot contain sound.High quality Audio Video (hav). This format is rarely used, but useful for lossless compression of audio and video. Mpeg (mpg, mpeg, mpe, m1v, m2v, mpeg4). This format is widely supported and highly compressed. MPeg files can contain sound.QuickTime (mov). This format originated on Macintosh, but is now widely supported. It offers multitudes of compression types.Windows Media Video (wmv). Lean, efficient Windows format. It comes with the set of profiles defining the output quality and other properties depending on intended use (intranet, dial-up, broadband, etc).

You can also batch convert multiple animation/video files from one format to another:

System Requirements
Windows 95/98/2000Me/NT3.x/NT4.x/2000Pro/XP/Server 2003/Vista

Program full tested and 100% working.



System Speedup Wizard 3.1.0


Do you know ?

System Speedup Wizard is a program which allows you to run programs much faster than the original programmer intended. You can easily make programs & games run faster on your computer without having to purchase a new PC. Many programs and games often use a maximum amount of CPU power which often leads to the CPU being idle and really useless at all.

Do you know ?

System Speedup Wizard is a program which allows you to run programs much faster than the original programmer intended. You can easily make programs & games run faster on your computer without having to purchase a new PC. Many programs and games often use a maximum amount of CPU power which often leads to the CPU being idle and really useless at all.

Feature Of System Speedup Wizard

User Interface
Windows Familiar GUI System Tray Shortcut
Extensive Manual and Help System Optimization State
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USB Safely Remove


USB Safely Remove is a comfortable and safe replacement for the standard "Safely Remove Hardware" tool. The program has many features designed for effortless working with hotplug devices (USB, SATA and FireWire).

Some Features :
What makes USB Safely Remove better than the Windows 'Safely Remove Hardware' tool?
- The ability to hide any device from the 'stop' menu.
- Uses real device names and allows renaming.
- Keyboard shortcuts for easy device stopping.
- Unique menu for one-click stop.
- Programs autorun on device plugging/unplugging.
- It tells you why a device cannot be stopped immediately.

Changes in Version 4.0 hotfix 1 (Released on December 15th, 2008)
[+] Minor improvements in language packages:
Arabic, Chinese Traditional, Danish, French, Hungarian, Italian,
Netherlands, Polish, Portugues Brazilian, Romanian, Russian-Preved,
Serbian, Spanish-Galician, Spanish, Turkish
[-] Sometimes an error happened on displaying "Cannot stop device" window
[-] Sometimes an error occured on entering the license key


Babylon Pro ver7.5.2 with free License

Babylon Pro ver7.5.2 with free License
babylon pro
Babylon Pro is the world's leading dictionary and language translation software. Babylon offers you the most intuitive tool for all your translation needs. With Babylon you can quickly translate emails, web pages, documents, instant messages, and more. All you have to do is click on the word or text that you want to translate and a small window instantly appears with the desired results from Babylon's extensive database of language dictionaries, glossaries and conversion tools.

Babylon Pro offers its users a wide range of titles from the world's premier publishing houses including Oxford University Press, Britannica, Merriam-Webster, Larousse, Vox, Langenscheidt, Pons, and Taishukan. New version Babylon six offers text translation in 17 languages in addition to single word and phrase translations - all in a single click, results from Wikipedia encyclopedia in nine languages, automatic spelling feature, and accurate results in a single-click from a wide range of authoritative sources.

Babylon Pro - an easy and intuitive translation and dictionary software in over 75 languages. With Babylon 7, text translation has never been easier, no more "copy/paste" or unnecessary browser windows. Just click on any text in Word, Excel, emails, instant messaging, web pages and other desktop applications. All you need is a single click away.

Babylon 7 features:
* Single Click activation
* Text translation - in 17 languages
* Results from the world's leading publishers
* Encyclopedias including Wikipedia content
* Translations in more than 75 languages
* Unit Conversions - Convert currencies, measurements and time
* Writing Tools for English
* Spelling Alternatives
* Technical Requirement

• Single Click Activation
Babylon online dictionary is a simple and intuitive tool operated by a single click. Just click on any text written in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, emails, web pages, instant messages or any other desktop application. A small window will instantly appear containing the translation results, as well as any information or conversion that you require. You can also easily copy/paste to and from Babylon. Actually, once installed in your computer, Babylon will become a powerful and innovative reference tool of easy use that will allow you immediate online access to dictionaries and encyclopedias covering all topics and themes.

• Text Translation
Text translations in 17 languages, all in a single click. Text translation has never been easier; no need for additional browsers or copy/paste. Just click any word in the text you want to translate and Babylon will automatically identify the inserted text passage and translate it. Despite the fact, that no machine translation is 100% accurate or delivers results equal to human translation, this great new feature, based on the most advanced text translation technology, helps you understand texts in languages you are less familiar with.

Babylon's text translation is available in the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Hebrew, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, Russian, Korean, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, Polish and Ukrainian.

• Results from the world's leading publishers
Get single click results from the world's leading dictionaries and encyclopedias for a small additional fee. Babylon offers its users a wide range of titles from the world's premier publishing houses: Britannica, Oxford, Merriam Webster, Pons, Larousse, Langenscheidt, Taishukan, Michaelis, Van-Dale and many more. View a list of all the dictionaries and encyclopedias that Babylon offers.

• Wikipedia content
Babylon online dictionary's single click intuitive technology now offers its users results from Wikipedia, The Web Free Encyclopedia, a multilingual web-based encyclopedia in 13 languages covering more than 2.2 million articles and definitions that are constantly updated according to the current events and science latest innovations. The combined use of online applications such as Babylon and Wikipedia, are today imperative tools for pupils, students and professional translators.

• Translation in more than 75 languages
Babylon's translation and dictionary software offers results from a database of 1,300 sources in more than 75 languages. The database includes 25 professional dictionaries in 13 languages developed by Babylon's own linguistic team: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Hebrew, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, Russian, Korean and Swedish. In fact, Babylon has developed a unique instant computerized translation tool that will eventually replace your traditional printed dictionaries, offering an immediate and online access to Internet information sources and a wide range of online dictionaries and glossaries that are constantly updated.

• Units & Measures Conversion
Babylon converts currencies, measurements and time-units, just click on any value in any desktop application to get instant conversions. Babylon online dictionary will automatically identify the required conversion type, based on unit symbols that appear next to the numbers. There is no more need to contact the bank or surf the web, an advanced conversion technology will allow you to find out online, at a single click, actual timetables and currency values, which are automatically updated on a daily basis.

• Writing Tools for English
In addition to text translation, Babylon online dictionary also offers its users tools for finding the exact word they are looking for and guarantee a correct verbal conjugation. Given that many words may be translated in several ways, Babylon enables its users to see each possible translation with its equivalent translation, in the user's native language. Babylon also shows all possible conjugations, enabling thus the correct usage of the term.

• Spelling Alternatives
An automatic spelling feature available in Babylon provides solutions for common typos, misspellings and wording problems.


Your Uninstaller Pro 2008 6.2.1335


Your Uninstaller! uninstaller software is the industry's leading uninstaller software. It's the world's 1st smart Drag&Uninstall™ uninstaller software under the Windows platform, works on all Windows versions including Windows Vista/XP/2000/ME/98/95/2003. It's as easy as using the recycle bin. Imagine! Just a drag-drop and the program you don't want will disappear from your computer - as well as everything the unwanted program brings! Your Uninstaller! is a user-friendly way of removing unneeded applications on your computer. It can even remove some annoying spywares!

Your Uninstaller! software is a specially designed uninstaller program for both beginning and advanced users. Your Uninstaller! 2006 is extremely very fast and easy to use. It has a unique ability to uninstall items by simply dragging programs' icons into the Your Uninstaller! icon. You may also find the application you want to uninstall through a unique search function.

Your Uninstaller! completely removes applications so quickly. Your Uninstaller! starts up 500%-1000% times faster than other Add/Remove programs. As you know, there are many installers in the world, such as InstallShield, Wise Installer, Microsoft Installer and many others. Most applications are built using these installers. Each installer has a unique install database, which makes it difficult to find all the changes programs' make to your computer. That's why other uninstallers can only uninstall part of an application-leaving some files and registry keys.

To solve this problem, Your Uninstaller! uses it's unique technique: SmartUninstall™. SmartUninstall™ has a database containing information about all installers on the market; so when it uninstalls a program, it automatically detects which installer the application used, then it simply uninstalls the application properly. That's the reason Your Uninstaller! can detect and completely remove all the programs and icons on your computer.

Key features:
* Completely remove any application installed.
* Deep scan of registry and entire disk for unused registry entries and files.
* Remove programs that could not be removed by Add/Remove Program.
* Uninstall screen savers. [PRO]
* Remove internet surfing traces.
* Backup and restore registry.
* Registration key management.
* Built-in Disk Cleaner helps you find and remove unnecessary files on your disk to save space and make computer faster! [PRO]
* Built-in IE Context Menu Cleaner, cleans the context menu of Internet Explorer. [PRO]
* Built-in Startup Manager, take full control of Window startups. [PRO]
* Fix invalid desktop shortcuts and start menu shortcuts.
* Get the applications detail info even if it hide itself in deep directory, especially useful for finding out "Spy" applications. [PRO]
* Backup/restore installed-applications information.
* Uninstall with SINGLE drag-drop! Just drop a file on Your Uninstaller! icon on the desktop to see what happens! [PRO]
* List installed applications with appropriate icons(same as you see in the Start Menu), you can easily find the application you want to uninstall.
* Powerful search feature allows you quickly find the program you are about to uninstall.
* Automatic detection of invalid installations and removing them with one click.
* Force removal of uninstall related entries in the registry(care to use!). [PRO]
* Lighting speed at startup, 5-10 times faster than Add/Remove Program of Windows XP!
* Export programs list to file or printer.
* More ...

Your Uninstaller! 2008 is a completly new release from previous version with redesigned scanning and processing method.
Here's a brief new features list:
1. New Uninstall technology, removes program completely system wide.
2. New Internet Traces Eraser, clear all your surfing traces, surf anonymously!
3. New Rescue Center, restore your PC to any date, even a specified point.
4. Windows Vista optimized for Microsoft's new system.
5. Improved Advanced Uninstall to fix more problems.
6. Improved UninstallWizard for both advanced users and common users.
7. Improved Startup Manager, find more hidden programs.
8. Improved Disk Cleaner, one click to clean. Scheduled clean.
9. Improved user experience.
10. Improved loading speed.
11. Unicode support for all modules.
12. Multiple language support. Now supports 12 languages.
13. Cache support for fast access to all programs.
14. Know more about each program installed on your computer.
15. Improved deep system scan after uninstallation to find hidden registry entries.
16. Load undocumented startup programs in Startup Manager, it's easy to find some spywares.
17. Improved Disk Cleaner provides more options and faster speed.
18. Improved Drag&Uninstall.
19. More options added for advanced users.
20. Other many minor improvements and changes.

Download Here

Xtravo Explorer a web browser by Pakistan


Xtravo Explorer is faster than any other browser to date. Xtravo Explorer is powered by Internet Explorer and opens all heavy websites in 10 seconds when using DSL128/kbps and a Dial up connection.



· .NET Framework 2

What's new in Xtravo Explorer Beta 2:

· Bugs Fixed
· Navigator (Rendered)
· Made speed Faster than before
· More easier and made best use for Windows Vista/2008/7


Portable Adobe Photoshop CS4 - Special Edition

This CS4 Edition is Tweaked on the ~RAMsize.DLL To work perfectly with users with 2GB Ram. Photoshop normally works slow after 2 Weeks usage, Because it's requirements are for 1GB RAM. This Release works 100%, Changed Dialogs and Made Portable. You can install Any Preset (Brushes, Patterns etc.) In the Photoshop Folder.

Recommended is to Install this SFX on the following path: C:Program FilesAdobePhotoshop CS4 Usage is same as the Normal CS4. Place Brushes and more in the Photoshop CS4Presets Folder.© .Hancock. - i Am not resposible for Any loss of data, Nor Hardware errors. This note does not mean Photoshop Will cause any problems, i Can promise you.

Enjoy this fully activated & tweaked version of Adobe Photoshop CS4

Hancock Special Edition Tweaks:
•Editted Resources to make the Loading 75% Faster
• Removed 25 Langauges from EULA
• Removed Adobe Registration
• Removed Adobe Rem Dialog
• Removed RAM Scan on Start-up
• make it work faster on 1GB RAM users
• Made Portable
• Added All Regular Photoshop folders (Such as Brushes, Prests etc)
• Added SFX Installer
• If you downloaded any older version, or other portable versions, just remove Adobe_Epic folder in AppPhotoshop folder , So you dont have to accept the License anymore

Masks panel:
Quickly create and edit masks from the new Masks panel. This panel offers all the tools you need to create editable pixel- and vector-based masks, adjust mask density and feathering, easily select noncontiguous objects, and more.

Content-Aware Scaling
Use the new and revolutionary Content-Aware Scaling feature to automatically recompose an image as you resize it, smartly preserving vital areas as the image adapts to the new dimensions. Get the perfect image in one step without time-intensive cropping and retouching.

Extended depth of field:
Easily create a single image from a series of shots that have different focal points with the enhanced Auto-Blend Layers command, which smoothly blends color and shading and now extends your depth of field, automatically correcting vignettes and lens distortion.

Auto-alignment of layers:
Create accurate composites with the enhanced Auto-Align Layers command. Move, rotate, or warp layers to align them more accurately than ever before. Or use spherical alignment to create breathtaking panoramas.

Efficient file management with Adobe Bridge CS4:
Get instant access to Adobe Bridge CS4 with faster start-up,use new workspaces to jump to the right display for every task,easily create web galleries and PDF contact sheets, and more.

Auto-blending of images:
Combine a range of images, each with a different exposure,color, and focal point — with options to preserve tones and
colors into a single color-corrected image.

Ta[irex 1.7.2


Shows you the name, picture and company (or any other data) on an incoming phone call! All you need is a modem, ISDN-adapter or any other phone device that supports CallerID and is connected to your machine or any other computer in your local network.
With TapiRex, you will always know who is calling you at the first ring of your telephone!When your telephone rings, TapiRex will look into your contacts to let you know who is calling and show the name, image ad any additional info of the caller. The contacts can be stored in any Database or the program can import the contacts' information and image from Microsoft Outlook®, Skype® or the Windows Address Book (WAB). The name of the caller or the callerID can be spoken via Windows speech-output. If a callerID is not in your contacts, the program tries to lookup the name of the caller in the internet.


World War III Black Gold

World War 3 is a fully 3D RTS with all features that characterize this genre. The game has been developed based on a 3D environment, so that the player can set the camera parallel to any plane and freely zoom in and out. All game objects are 3D, as well as the terrain itself. The units also posse unique, dynamic physical properties. For example, vehicles move faster on hard soil than they would in sand. There are three parties in the game: the USA, Russia and Iraq. Whichever is chosen, each allows the player to select two campaigns, consisting of 5 missions on average. Each campaign begins and ends with a rendered film scene. World War III: Black Gold takes the player to an unknown future. The political crisis goes on for months, and a wave of demonstrations has broken out around the world. A secret conference of the Central Geological UN Commission reveals that worldwide oil stocks have plummeted to dangerously low levels, oil reserves will run out within 8-10 years. As this proves too short for even the most highly industrialized countries to switch their economies over to alternative energy sources, protests close the world and succumbs the whole world economy. The leading forces have declared WW III...



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