"Into the Blue 2: The Reef"


Genre: Action
Release: 2009 April
Length: 1H., 32 min.
Views: 0
Rate: 73%
A pair of professional divers are hired to find Columbus' hidden treasure.

Watch full:-http://www.novamov.com/video/49e570fb326b6http://www.novamov.com/video/49e570fb326b6

Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 10.1.7000.7


Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 10.1 combines industry-leading, real-time malware protection for enterprise workstations and network servers with graphical Web-based reporting and centralized management and administration capabilities. The solution automatically detects and repairs the effects of Spyware, adware, viruses, and other malicious intrusions to enable enterprise-wide system uptime.

* Improved performance delivers faster scans
* One click access to expert support
* Works quietly in the background.
* Network mapping provides a view of your home network.
* Detects and removes spyware and viruses
* Blocks spyware and worms automatically
* Anti-virus protection for email and instant messaging
* Prevents virus-infected emails from spreading
* Rootkit detection finds and removes hidden threats
* Includes protection updates and new product features as available throughout the renewable service period

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Free Rapid Downloader 0.82 Build 421 FINAL - file manager replacement


Total Commander is a file manager replacement that offers multiple language support, search, file comparison, directory synchronization, quick view panel with bitmap display, ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE archive handling plus plugins, built-in FTP client with FXP, HTTP proxy support, and more.
Features of Total Commander:

Two file windows side by side
- Multiple language support
- Enhanced search function
- Compare files / synchronize directories
- Quick View panel with bitmap display
- ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE archive handling + plugins
- Built-in FTP client with FXP (server to server) and HTTP proxy support
- Parallel port link, multi-rename tool
- Tabbed interface, regular expressions, history + favorites buttons
- Both 32 bit and 16 bit versions available!
- Long filenames in Windows 95/98 and Windows NT (16 and 32-bit version)!
- Direct access to Network Neighbourhood
- Supports Drag & Drop with Explorer/the Desktop etc.
- Command line for starting of programs with parameters, simply by typing the program name or by pressing CTRL+ENTER or CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.
- Configurable button bar and Start menu (User-defined commands) to place your frequently used DOS or - Windows programs into a drop-down menu. The actual directory and/or the file under the cursor can be delivered to the application.
- Configurable main menu.
- Built in file viewer (Lister) to view files of ANY SIZE in hex, binary or text format, using either the ASCII- (DOS) or the ANSI- (Windows) character set. The line width and font size can now be changed. You can even view files inside archives! New: Support for Unicode UTF-8 format.
- Bitmap viewer in Lister, additional formats through Irfanview (see addons).
- HTML- and Unicode-Viewer in Lister.
- Parallel port transfer function (direct cable connection), works between Win95/98/NT/2000/3.1 and DOS!
- Thumbnails view, custom columns, enhanced search

Aurora Media Workshop 3.4.26 - All in one multimedia tools


Aurora Media Workshop is a all-in-one video, audio, CD/DVD media utility. It is made up of three major fields of functions, that is video, audio, and CD/DVD.

Video Converter, Joiner, Splitter. Convert, join, split video files between AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, ASF, WMV, VOB, DAT , DivX,Xvid.
Audio Converter, Recorder, CD ripper audio files between mp3, wma, wav.
Extract audio tracks from all supported video formats to mp3, wma, wav,ogg.
CD/DVD burner. Burn Video/Audio/Data CD/DVD.
Specifies start and end position while convert and join
Make any favorate pictures and photos to video films with fascinating transition effects and graceful background music.
Batch file execution.
Specifies start andend position while convert and joint.
Extracts audio tracks from all supported video formats to mp3, wma, wav.
Extracts images from all supported video formats.
Backup DVD Disk(.VOB) to all supported formats.
Backup DVD Disk(.VOB) music to mp3, wav, wma.
Backup VCD Disk(.DAT) to all supported formats.
Backup VCD Disk(.DAT) music to mp3, wav, wma

Intervideo WinDVD PLATINUM 8


Here we have Intervideo WinDVD 8 Platinum with full keygen!

InterVideo WinDVD 8 is the world's #1 DVD and video playback software, with over 175 million copies sold worldwide. Enjoy crystal-clear, smooth playback of your standard and High-Def video and audio. Movie buffs, frequent flyers and anyone who enjoys watching video clips on a PC will enjoy the WinDVD 8 digital entertainment experience.


Great Video, Wherever You Are
Watch your favorite videos on your home theater system, desktop or laptop PC. WinDVD 8 Platinum lets you stream content through UPnP home networks to view DVDs or video files on your big-screen HDTV with immersive surround sound. Universal format support means you can watch virtually anything on your desktop, and laptop users can enhance their viewing time with power-saving features and adjustable settings.

Spellbinding Playback Quality
WinDVD 8 Platinum features advanced playback technologies that deliver a superior viewing experience, including Intel® Clear Video and nVidia® PureVideo™ graphics acceleration, Intel® Core™ 2 Duo support, Progressive De-interlacing and custom video effects.

Great Audio Features
WinDVD 8 provides a centralized audio controller which incorporates all the great audio features. It includes support for Dolby® Digital, Dolby® Headphone, Dolby® Virtual Speaker, DTS® Digital Surround Sound and SRS® TruSurround XT for a full, immersive listening experience.

Universal Format Support
Play HD or standard definition video encoded in any of a range of formats, including DVD-Video, DivX®, Real® Player, 3GPP, QuickTime®, Windows Media, AVI and MPEG 4. WinDVD 8 Platinum also supports H.264, the next-generation disc standard.


Password :- shenshang!

Vista Start Menu SE 3.15


Do you have hundreds of programs in your Start menu? Do you waste time looking for the program you need? Try Vista Start Menu to instantly find what you need among the large amounts of information.

Vista Start Menu is effective for advanced users and easy to use for beginners. Start working with pleasure!

Supported Operating Systems:Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows NT4, Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005, Windows Media Center Edition 2005.

iobit Game Booster Beta 4 - optimize your PC for smoother


Game Booster is designed to help optimize your PC for smoother, more responsive game play in the latest PC games with the touch of a button.

Game Booster helps achieve the performance edge previously only available to highly technical enthusiasts. It works by temporarily shutting down background processes, cleaning RAM, and intensifying processor performance. That means you can keep all the features of Microsoft® Windows Vista® and XP® ready for when you need them, but turn them off when you are ready to get down to serious business – gaming.

Game Booster makes it simpler to enjoy the latest games and take your experience to a new level. All systems go!


* 1 Click - Game Booster is extremely easy to use.
* Speed up Game Play - Gives more CPU and RAM to your games.
* Increase Gaming Stability - Prevents and avoids possible cocnflicts and incompatibility.
* Safe, Security, and Free - Game Booster does not overclock your hardware, does not change your Windows Registry and system settings. Game Booster is 100% freeware, without any virus, adware, and spyware.

Aurora Web Editor 2008 Professional 3.4.0


The Aurora Web Editor is 2 Editors in 1!
Create your own websites quickly and easily with the Aurora Web Editor 2008 Professional! Make your website look professional using the included templates and over 100 royalty-free photos and graphics!

The Visual Editor: Create websites quickly and easily - just like when you use a word processor! Unlike some other Web site creation software, you don't need to learn to code HTML! The visual editing environment (WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get) displays your website the way it will look once online. Adding text, pictures and links is a breeze. You can even drag items around the screen to resize and position them exactly how you want.
The Code Editor: For those Web developers who prefer to code webpages manually, the Aurora Web Editor offers a rich HTML coding environment. A HTML tutorial is included.

Features of the Aurora Web Editor:
??? Get started immediately. The welcome screen lets you quickly create new webpages or open existing projects as soon as you begin.
??? Create professional-looking websites. Choose from a range of templates so you don't need to worry about creating a website design yourself.
??? Enhance the look of your site. Choose from over 100 royalty-free images exclusive to the Aurora Web Editor to add to your site.
??? Instantly preview your site. With one click, the Browser Preview button lets you instantly see how your site will look once on the Internet.
??? Easy to learn, easy to use. Edit your webpages visually in the same way as you use your word processing software. No difficult coding to learn!
??? Tutorials. Want to learn more advanced Web design? Start learning how to code HTML with the included 12-chapter tutorial.
??? Tabbed editing. Quickly switch between webpages with one click using the document selection tabs.
??? Help when you need it. Comprehensive help topics are included to guide you through the Aurora Web Editor's functions.
??? Windows?® Vista compatible. The Aurora Web Editor is compatible with Windows?® Vista.
??? Spell check webpages. Spell check your webpages. US, Canadian, and British/Australian spell checking dictionaries are included.
??? Easy-to-access functions. Commonly used tasks and functions are easily accessible using the large-sized toolbar buttons.
??? Colours at your fingertips. Generate and insert colour values using the colour selection tool (includes the Web-Safe Colour Palette).

Aurora Web Editor requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to work.

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Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0.2000.1567 MR2


Endpoint Protection 11.0 combines Symantec AntiVirus with advanced threat prevention to deliver unmatched defense against malware for laptops, desktops and servers. It seamlessly integrates essential security technologies in a single agent and management console, increasing protection and helping lower total cost of ownership.

Symantec Endpoint Protection™ protects networked critical systems and remote and mobile users from unwanted network intrusions and hackers, as well as from viruses, Trojans, and worms. Centralized policy management and response capabilities ease the administrative burden and lower the cost of managing security at the network, mobile, and remote client level.

* Stops malware such as viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, bots, zero-day threats and rootkits.
* Prevents security outbreaks thus reducing administrative overhead.
* Lowers total cost of ownership for endpoint security.

Key Features:
* Seamlessly integrates essential technologies such as antivirus, antispyware, firewall, intrusion prevention, device control.
* Requires only a single agent that is managed by a single management console.
* Provides unmatched endpoint protection from the market leader in endpoint security.
* Enables instant NAC upgrade without additional software deployment for each endpoint.

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ActiveState Perl Dev Kit Pro v7.2.0.284813 | MacOS


The Perl Dev Kit (PDK) provides essential tools for Perl programmers, making it simple to build and deploy applications. PDK features application builders for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX; plus a suite of tools to speed development time and improve code quality.

ActiveState Perl Dev Kit Pro v7.2.0.284813 | MacOS

The Perl Dev Kit (PDK) provides essential tools for Perl programmers, making it simple to build and deploy applications. PDK features application builders for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX; plus a suite of tools to speed development time and improve code quality.

PDK 7.2 supports ActivePerl 5.6, ActivePerl 5.8 and ActivePerl 5.10. As per our usual policy, this is a free update for all PDK 7.0 users.

Deploy your Perl programs to anyone, anywhere.
Deliver code as executables or as Windows Services,
ActiveX components, .NET assemblies or in the System Tray.
Easily create MSI files using Perl code.

se*x text interactively, with on-the-fly results.
Jumpstart your transition from VBScript to Perl.

Improve code performance and reliability through coverage
experiments, hotspot analysis and data set comparisons.
Find problems fast with the nimble Windows debugger.

PDK Pro includes the complete suite of PDK tools for creating and deploying Perl applications. Graphical user interfaces for all application builders make creating executables fast and easy, with visual guides to a wealth of build options. The comprehensive feature set includes PerlApp, Coverage Analyzer, se*x Builder, VBScript Converter, Graphical Debugger, PerlMSI, PerlCtrl, PerlNET, PerlSvc and PerlTray.
PDK Deployment Tools

PDK Deployment Tools make it easy to deliver software to a broad range of users and platforms. Features include PerlApp, PerlMSI, PerlCtrl, PerlNET, PerlSvc and PerlTray.

New in PDK 7:

*Support for ActivePerl 5.10
*Coverage and hotspot analysis:
Improve code performance and reliability through coverage experiments, hotspot analysis and data set comparisons.
*PerlApp enhancements:
Improved executable performance, smaller Unix executables.
*New platforms:
Mac OS X; 64-bit support for Windows (x64), Linux (x64) and Solaris (Sparc).
Solaris and AIX GUIs

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SpyBot Search & Destroy 1.5.2


Spybot - Search & Destroy can detect and remove spyware of different kinds from your computer. Spyware is a relatively new kind of threat that common anti-virus applications do not yet cover. If you see new toolbars in your Internet Explorer that you didn??™t intentionally install, if your browser crashes, or if you browser start page has changed without your knowing, you most probably have spyware. But even if you don??™t see anything, you may be infected, because more and more spyware is emerging that is silently tracking your surfing behaviour to create a marketing profile of you that will be sold to advertisement companies

Spybot - Search & Destroy can detect and remove spyware of different kinds from your computer. Spyware is a relatively new kind of threat that common anti-virus applications do not yet cover. If you see new toolbars in your Internet Explorer that you didn??™t intentionally install, if your browser crashes, or if you browser start page has changed without your knowing, you most probably have spyware. But even if you don??™t see anything, you may be infected, because more and more spyware is emerging that is silently tracking your surfing behaviour to create a marketing profile of you that will be sold to advertisement companies.

Spybot-S&D can also clean usage tracks, an interesting function if you share your computer with other users and don??™t want them to see what you worked on. And for professional users, it allows to fix some registry inconsistencies and extended reports.
Spybot-S&D can start in two modes: Easy mode for new users who want just the basic features, and Advanced mode for professional users and those who want more control. Both modes are available in the free version.

Spybot - Search & Destroy now officially ???Works with Vista”

SpyBot - Search & Destroy 1.5.2 Final | 2008-01-23

+ Ardamax + NiceSpy.Keylogger + NiceSpy.XPKeylogger

+ Fraud.XPAntivirus + Safestrip + VirusProtect + Win32.Renos

+ WebWatcher

+ Hupigon + Smitfraud-C.MSVPS + Win32.Agent.bkd + Win32.Alphabet.ap (670) + Win32.Autorun (10) + Win32.Bagle.hi (2) + Win32.Small.hk + Win32.VB.ke + Zlob.Downloader.dcc + Zlob.Downloader.oid + Zlob.Downloader.vdt + Zlob.Downloader.xot

Total: 522840 fingerprints in 112714 rules for 3569 products.

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Fireball ( Movie)


Tai, a young man arrested on a crime charge, is discharged thanks to his twin brother Tan’s dogged help. After being set free, he finds Tan in a coma with severe injuries. Tan’s girlfriend, Pang, tells Tai that his brother got involved in some risky business to raise money to fight Tai’s case. Tai feels guilty that .......
his problems brought his brother trouble. He then traces what happened to Tan, which ultimately leads him into illegal basketball gambling. Tai wants to find out who is behind this gambling and why his brother was beaten unconscious. He finally joins the “Fireball” team, a team which belongs to Hia Den and whose players include Singha, Kay, Ik, and Muek. In order to uncover the truth, Tai trades many things—possibly even his life.

Watch Part 1: http://www.zshare.net/video/58603337fbd49751/
Watch Part 2: http://www.zshare.net/video/58603396e156de0d/

"Monsters vs. Aliens" (Movie)


When a meteorite from outer space hits a young California girl named Susan Murphy and turns her into a giant monster, she is taken to a secret government compound

where she meets a ragtag group of monsters also rounded up over the years. As a last resort, under the guidance of General W.R. Monger, on a desperate order from The President, the motley crew of Monsters is called into action to combat the aliens and save the world from imminent destruction.
Watcg Full : http://www.zshare.net/video/58554534e4fa3609/
Watch Full : http://xtshare.com/toshare.php?Id=337&view=Monsters-vs-Aliens

How To stop Advertise on EI8


If you have not tried Internet Explorer 8 Final yet I strongly urge you to do so, the new feature packed browser is considerably faster then earlier versions rendering pages perfectly, while every IE8 user knows about new features like InPrivate browsing, webslices etc.

very few know about InPrivate Filters a smart content blocking functionality which can be used to block advertisements in Internet Explorer 8, Once activated from statusbar or shortcut key - CTRL+SHIFT+F smart InPrivate Filter automatically learns, detects and blocks common repeated-content from ad-servers appearing on websites you visit.
The best thing about InPrivate Filter is that you can easily manage the block list and even import filtering patterns similar to ad-blocker.

Famous Conficker worm


Famous Conficker worm created a lot of buzz attracting world press attention when researchers alerted that the virus is programmed to do something special on 1st April and security experts should be prepared for anything, nothing special occurred on 1st April but the worm kicked into action last night updating itself via a Peer2Peer network between infected machines.

The latest Conficker/Kido variant (Net-Worm.Win32.Kido.js) also downloads and installs rogue anti-spyware remover named Spyware Protect 2009 which nags users to pay $49.95 for removing falsely reported infections, interestingly the new variant is scheduled to be functional till 3rd May only.

Password Generator Professional 2007 5.28


Password Generator Professional is a secure, powerful and complete password generator package!
If you need thousands, or millions of passwords, random numbers or serial keys, what will you do?

Password Generator Professional 2007 5.28

Password Generator Professional 2007 5.28

Password Generator Professional is a secure, powerful and complete password generator package!
If you need thousands, or millions of passwords, random numbers or serial keys, what will you do?

Instead of typing them yourself, or relying on some unsecure "random number generator" to do the job, let Password Generator Professional do the job for you!

Password Generator Professional can generate millions of unique passwords in a matter of seconds. It will ensure the passwords are completely random, and cannot be guessed by hackers.

You will be able to customize the format of the passwords in virtually any way you want, and you have a wide range of export possibilities.

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Foryoursoft Messenger Detect v2.70


Monitor and record all MSN chats, AOL (AIM) chat, Yahoo chat, and ICQ chat on your Local network automatically and secretly! It's the one for ALL!

Do you worry about whether and what your employees chat on instant messengers during the office hours? Are you curious about what your spouse chats on instant messenger? Do you want to track your kid's IM chat? If so, Messenger Detect is your solution. Messenger Detect can sniffer and record all MSN chats, Yahoo chat, AOL (AIM) chat, and ICQ chat on your Local network. It works secretly without need to install any client software on the target computers. It's safe to use because accessing and setting are all protected by your password. The chat logs are saved as the same format as you see in the messengers and classified by datetime. You can search and edit them directly in the Messenger Detect, and export then to a RTF file. In addition, Messenger Detect provides 15 color themes, and reading mode as well. Try Messenger Detect now, and you will be convinced!

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PDF to Word Converter 3.0


PDF2Word (PDF to Word) software exports the text, images and other contents from any PDF document into MS Word document format (RTF or Word), so you can edit and reuse your PDF content. PDF2Word (PDF to Word) preserves the original PDF text, layout and bitmap images in the generated Word document. PDF2Word (PDF to Word) software is a standalone program and does not require Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, or even Acrobat Reader.
PDF to Word/RTF Features and Interface:

Convert PDF files into Microsoft Word documents;
Batch PDF to Word conversion - convert multiple documents at once;
Standalone software, MS Word, Adobe Acrobat and Reader NOT required!
Support Command Line Operation (for manual use or inclusion in scripts);
Support Win98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista platforms;
Automatically resize PDF page to fit your required Word page size;
Accurately preserve text, pictures, and layout of the original PDF;
PDF to Word is easy to use;
Support multiple documents conversion (Batch Processing);
Support drag and drop PDF files for conversion;
Support PDF1.6 file format (formerly supported only by Adobe Acrobat 7.0);
Converted files can be automatically loaded immediately after conversion is complete;
Support page range conversion (all, from-to, individual pages);
Support English, French, German, Italian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, etc. languages;
Support deletion of graphics and pictures from the generated Word document;
Support encrypted PDF file conversion;
Five reconstruction modes for PDF to Word conversion;
Convert PDF file to flowing MS Word document without text boxes

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GoodOk Video Converter Gold 4.7


GoodOk Video Converter Gold is professional and versatile conversion tool which can convert between all popular video formats. No other software like GoodOk Video Converter Gold supports so many video formats including AVI,

WMV, MPEG, MP4, ASF, VOB, 3GP, iPhone, iPod, Zune, MOV, FLV. In addition, this video converter provides a function to convert video and audio files to popular audio formats including MP3, AAC, AC3, AMR, M4A, OGG, and WAV. An integrative and powerful conversion tool owns all the function of GoodOk series.
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Plot : A small-time rancher agrees to hold a captured outlaw who's awaiting a train to go to court in Yuma. A battle of wills ensues as the outlaw tries to psych out the rancher.

Watch Full : http://www.megavideo.com/?v=EJBCW41O
Watch Full : http://static.youku.com/v1.0.0025/v/swf/qplayer.swf?VideoIDS=XMTU5OTM5MTY&embedid=-&showAd=0

Kaspersky Internet Security 2009


Kaspersky Internet Security have more improvements and features:

* Integrated protection from all Internet threats
* Integrated antivirus protection: 1) Hourly automated database updates, 2) Preliminary behavior analysis, 3) On-going behavior analysis. New!
* Real-time scanning for email, Internet traffic and files
* Personal firewall with an IDS / IPS system. Improved!
* Protection from leaks of confidential data. New!
* Parental Control. New!
* Protection from spam and phishing
* Automatic database updates

Additional Features
* Protection from viruses, Trojans and worms
* Protection from spyware and adware
* Protection from all types of keyloggers. Improved!
* Detection of all types of rootkits. Improved!
* Protection from viruses when using ICQ and other IM clients
* Rollback of malicious changes on your PC
* Self-defense of the antivirus program from being disabled or stopped
* Tools for creating a Rescue Disk
* Free technical support

Secure surfing. The solution analyses web pages and blocks potentially malicious web-based content. It also blocks pop ups and ads, which are not simply irritating: virus writers often use ads to install Trojans that steal your confidential data or give the Trojan??™s owner access to your computer.

Privacy Control. Many malicious programs attempt to locate and harvest user IDs and passwords for online bank accounts, auctions, shops, email, payment systems, chat rooms, online games and etc from Windows Protected Storage. Kaspersky Internet Security monitors and blocks all attempts to collect and forward your confidential data from this storage area.
Protection from phishing. Kaspersky Internet Security **** s out phishing emails and protects you from accessing websites run by phishers who use social engineering to fool you into sharing your banking or online payment information.

Parental Control. Parents can protect their children from online predators by creating blacklists of individual websites, as well as identifying categories of forbidden content such as drugs, **** ography and so on. These lists can be customized by user type for children, teens or adults. In addition, parents can manage their children??™s Internet experience by limiting the amount of time they spend online.

Anti-virus protection and more protection from all of today??™s Internet threats. Kaspersky Lab combines three protection technologies to protect you against viruses, Trojans, worms, keyloggers, rootkits and other threats. This means that you are safe from spyware, adware, **** ware, crimeware and anything else today??™s cyber criminals invent.
Firewall. The inbuilt personal firewall provides new generation protection from intrusions and data leaks. The default settings for popular applications control network and Internet activity using the IDS/IPS to prevent hackers from taking over your computer or stealing your data. Stealth mode allows you to surf safely and invisibly, protecting you from becoming a target for hacker attacks.

Anti-spam protection. The anti-spam module uses a combination of filtration methods to protect you from spam targeting you personally: white and black lists of senders and content, self-modifying algorithms for text analysis, graphical spam analysis and more.
Self-protection. Today virus writers begin their attack on your computer by disabling anti-virus protection. Kaspersky Internet Security is designed to block all attempts to disable protection, leaving you to work and play securely.Restoring your data and your system rollback of malicious changes. Kaspersky Internet Security monitors system and application behavior for suspicious behavior. Once malicious behavior is detected, the process is blocked and any changes caused by malicious code are rolled back. Your system is clean and your original data is intact.
Rescue disk. Creating a rescue disk is quick and easy using the built in wizard in Kaspersky Internet Security. If your computer is ever attacked by a virus, you can restore and disinfect your system right away by yourself using the rescue disk you created even if the operating system has been damage

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1- Install the software
2- Activate key (serials included )
3- Enjoy

VideoCharge v3.13.0.0 Full Edition


Multifunctional application for processing tons of video files by one click.
The program possesses a wide range of capabilities, which enables to perform any operations with bulk of video files by one click!
It can be used to split audio and video files into smaller parts, join a few media files into a single one, extract or delete scenes, create thumbnails for video files, add watermarks to video and image files, process sequences of images.
VideoCharge enables to process videos on flow (without decompression and successive compression of every frame), supports working via command line, inludes built-in FTP client.

It is optimized for processing vast amount of files and supports all basic video and image formats.

>> Splitting files into parts
VideoCharge enables to split video and audio files into parts:
* Split by time.
This mode implies splitting video or audio file into parts of equal duration. Duration can be set in seconds, milliseconds or frames. The last part of processed file most probably will have lesser duration - its creation can be enabled or disabled at user???????s discretion.
* Split by size.
The present mode implies splitting video or audio file into parts of specified size. Size can be set in KiloBytes or MegaBytes.
* Split into equal parts.
The given mode implies splitting video or audio file into specified number of parts of equal duration. Duration of each part equals duration of the original file divided by the specified number of parts.
* Split by scene.
This mode implies splitting video or audio file into component scenes. Unique scenes are determined by means of motion analysis of every frame or by appearance of curtain (completely black frame).
VideoCharge includes flexible mechanism of creation of the produced file name. Name of produced file can include variables that hold original file name, name of the original file???????s parent folder, sequence number of the produced file, etc.
Built-in Editor provides ability to preview all files that will be produced before splitting and exclude needless files from processing, if any. This enables to save time, since some of the produced files may be found irrelevant later.
One or more thumbnails (small graphics files) can be created for every produced file.
VideoCharge enables to split into parts not only a whole movie, but also its fragments specified by means of the Editor.
>> Joining several files into a single one
VideoCharge allows to join a sequence of video or audio files into a single file. A sequence of images can be joined into a single video file too. The given functionality provides ability to remove needless scenes from video and audio files. When working in ???Without Re-compression??? mode, one can remove scenes and join files of the same type instantly.
>> On flow processing
VideoCharge enables to process video and audio files on flow. All operations concerned with processing of video files generally are resource-intensive and take a lot of time since they require decompression and subsequent compression of every video frame. The application includes capability to process video files without re-compression! Thereby a gigabyte video can be processed only in a few minutes!
Of course, this functionality is unusable when it is necessary to process every frame meaningly, for example, when adding watermarks or applying ****s. However all operations that does not require re-compression - splitting files, joining single-type files, extracting scenes, removing scenes - can be performed.
>> Creation of thumbnails
VideoCharge includes a broad set of capabilities for creation of thumbnails. Thumbnails can be created for both sequences of graphics files and video files (on basis of their frames).
There are 3 modes of thumbnails creation:
* Automatic mode
This mode implies creation of thumbnails to be carried out during creation of videos or processing sequences of images. Thumbnails can be created in any quantity. For videos thumbnails can be created out of the first frame, the most static frame (within the specified time span), specified frame, random frame. Here names of thumbnails can be set in special way or depend on the name of the processed file.
* Split mode
This mode is effective for extracting frames of video files and saving them as graphics files. It enables to extract all frames without exception, extract frames regularly (by setting time intervals) or extract the rigorously defined number of equidistant (by time) frames. Distance between frames is calculated as duration of the processed file divided by the specified number of frames.
* Custom mode
The present mode implies manual selection of necessary frames by means of the Editor. The process of selection is simplified to the maximum. One can preview all selected frames together and edit each of them separately - for example, crop frame, apply ****s to improve image quality, specify custom size in pixels for produced thumbnail, etc.
For every produced thumbnail one can select target graphics format, specify size (in pixels) and color depth, apply ****s to improve image quality, crop the original image, add watermark.
>> Creation of watermarks
VideoCharge enables adding watermark to a movie (to its every frame) or a graphics file. As a watermark one can use:
* Text
For text one can preset all basic attributes (font, color, size, etc) as well as rotation angle, transparency, stroke color and width. Text may include dynamic variables: name of the original file, name of the produced file, current time, current date. Text background may be transparent or colored (color can be assigned).
* Image
An image can be resized and rotated 90, 180 and 270 degrees. Also for images one can fix transparency level and transparent color.
Display time can be assigned to any watermark, which enables to add watermark to a movie???????s interval rather than a whole movie. The beginning and ending of watermark drawing can be protracted for preset time, which produces effect of smooth appearance and disappearance.
>> Command line
VideoCharge can be accessed via command line. Here names of the processed files and config file name are used as command line parameters.
>> Conversion of video, audio and graphics files
VideoCharge provides ability to convert video, audio and graphics files from one format into another. All parameters of encoding - frame rate, bitrate, aspect ratio and others - can be preset. The program allows to resize image, apply ****s to correct appearance of every frame, use external video codecs (DivX, Xvid and others) for video compression. For creation of WMV and AVI files, the program includes a broad set of parameters including ???two-pass encoding??? feature that enables to produce more qualitative image. Ability to create videos that contain multiple video streams of different bitrate is included as well (for WMV files only).
Some information about the processed video file (author, copyright, etc) can be added to its header provided that target format supports this functionality.
The application is particularly optimized for processing a great number of files (batch processing). It enables to process folders with files and subfolders inside. At that the produced files are saved subject to hierarchy of files and subfolders in the source folders. File mask can be specified here in order to select promptly the necessary files to be processed.
>> Video editor functions
VideoCharge includes a broad set of tools for video editing. With VideoCharge one can extract the necessary scenes from videos, remove the needless scenes from videos, apply the Crop **** (create video file based on a part of every frame of the original video). The Editor provides ability to select scenes promptly and easily. The selected scenes can be previewed all together or individually.
VideoCharge enables to insert Header Video and Footer Video into movies. Header Video and Footer Video implicate small video clips that are inserted correspondingly in the beginning and in the end of the processed movie.
>> Processing of DVDs
VideoCharge can handle DVDs as well as VOB and IFO files. The program allows to parse solitary VOB files, extract chapters from them and save chapters as separate files or join them into a single file.
>> Player
VideoCharge can play all kinds of video files and DVDs as well as display graphics files.
>> Extra features
The program includes Wizard that helps to use it in full measure without special knowledge and study of the program itself. Wizard provides access to all main functions of the application.
VideoCharge includes built-in FTP client that enables to upload the produced files to FTP servers. One can also upload a file to several FTP servers at once.
VideoCharge allows to control file encoding process: when in use, the process can be paused, hidden in system tray or terminated. Closing the application and turning off the computer after completing the process can be enabled by means of the corresponding parameters.
Supported Formats
VideoCharge enables to convert audio, video and graphics files from one format to another. The program include support of the following formats:
????? AVI - Audio Video Interleave (*.avi). Enables to work with any video codecs installed, decode DivX and XVid files.
How to create an AVI file
????? MPEG - Moving Picture Experts Group (*.mpg, *.mpeg). Supports decoding and encoding files into MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (VCD, SVCD) formats. Enables to convert MPEG Transport Stream files (*.ts) into any supported format.
????? DVD - Digital Video Disk (*.vob, *.ifo). Can handle DVDs. Enables to preview and decode .vob files singly or together, using data derived from .ifo files.
????? ASF, WMV, WMA - Advanced Streaming Format, Windows Media Video, Windows Media Audio (*.wmv, *.wma, *.asf). Supports processing of files of Windows Media 7/8/9 formats.
????? MOV - QuickTime Video/Audio (*.mov, *.move, *.qt, *.3gp) *. Provides ability to playback (decode) and create MOV files.
????? MPEG-4 (*.mp4) *. Enables to playback (decode) MPEG-4 files.
????? RM - RealMedia (*.rm) *. Allows to convert RealMedia files into any supported format.
????? FLV and SWF - Flash Video (*.flv) and Small Web Format (*.swf) *. Enables to playback (decode) and create FLV and SWF files.
????? Wave - Wave (*.wav). Provides ability to work with RIFF audio data. Enables to create WAV files and convert them into other formats, for example, MP3.
????? Graphic formats: BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF, JPEG. Provides ability to save video frames into separate graphics files and vice versa, join sequences of images into video clips.
????? MP3 - Mpeg Audio Layer-3 (*.mp3). Is able to create MP3 files of video and audio files of all supported formats.

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NetInfo v6.4 Build 205


NetInfo v6.4 Build 205

NetInfo is a collection of 15 different state-of-the-art network tools on a single, easy-to-use interface. Designed from first-hand experience, NetInfo allows businesses to more effectively combat network downtime by allowing network administrators,

webmasters, and Internet service providers to more accurately isolate faults, simplify processing of diagnostic data and increase internal network security.

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High-Logic FontCreator Pro 5.6.80


High-Logic FontCreator Pro 5.6.80

High-Logic FontCreator Pro 5.6.80

This professional font editor allows you to create and edit TrueType and OpenType fonts. It has the powerful drawing tools that typographers and graphic designers require, and an intuitive interface that allows beginners to become productive immediately.

When you create or open a font, FontCreator displays an overview of all available characters. You can simply add missing characters, or select an existing character, and modify its appearance. You can import (scanned) images of your signature or company logo, or make a font from your own handwriting. With FontCreator you can also fix character mappings, font names, kerning pairs, and at all times you can preview your fonts before installing.

In the Professional Edition, font validation features enable you to improve the quality of your fonts. Tools to join contours simplify and speed up the glyph design process. Powerful transformation scripts let you create hundreds of additional characters in seconds. FontCreator's intelligent generation of composites, allows you to automatically generate outlines for more than 2,200 characters.
Whether you're a type designer or graphic artist who needs a font creation powerhouse, or a hobbyist who wants to have fun creating new fonts, FontCreator has the tools you need.

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XYplorer v7.00.0000


XYplorer is a multi-tabbed file manager for Windows, featuring a very powerful file search, versatile preview facilities, a highly customizable interface, and a large array of unique ways to efficiently automate frequently recurring tasks. It??™s extremely fast and light, it??™s innovative, and it??™s fun.

XYplorer v7.00.0000

XYplorer is a multi-tabbed file manager for Windows, featuring a very powerful file search, versatile preview facilities, a highly customizable interface, and a large array of unique ways to efficiently automate frequently recurring tasks. It??™s extremely fast and light, it??™s innovative, and it??™s fun.

XYplorer is a portable file manager. It doesn??™t require any installation, nor does it ever change your system or registry. Ideal for a USB drive. Here??™s cutting-edge file management using a true multi-tabbed interface. If you like dual pane, you will love multi-tabs! XYplorer features a high-end file search with tremendous power and truly amazing speed. It fully supports Boolean logic, Regular Expressions, content search, and more??¦ Reduce your daily routines to simple keystrokes with User-Defined Commands! One-click previews of all important image, audio, video, web, office, and font file formats. No other file manager offers a favorites panel that??™s nearly as powerful as XYplorer??™s Catalog. Who else offers an easily configurable New Items menu? Major time saver! Portable File Associations: Home is where your double-click is! Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts for more than 300 functions. Have it your way! XYplorer is continuously enhanced and users are taken seriously. A clean and user-friendly interface makes working with XYplorer easy and intuitive.
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AoA DVD Creator 2.0.2


AoA DVD Creator provides you a handy tool to create and burn your movies (AVI, MPEG, DAT, FLV, MPG, WMV, ASF, MP4, 3GP, MOV) into DVDs that you can watch in your home DVD player.

With AoA DVD Creator, you can easily turn the vacation, wedding and family movies into DVDs that you can burn and share with your friends and family!

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hotsMusic.com Clone Video Audio And Lyric Search And Download


hotsMusic.com Clone Video Audio And Lyric Search And Download
hello there !

im now want to share with you mp3 lyric and video script .


100% fully automatic updates.
Php4+ Curl and mod_rewrite
All files remotely hosted
Allow you to watch before download.
Fast site loading
No database required

you can do what ever you want with this script . change template or modified the souce. and i hope you can leave my copyrigt at footer .

i hope you enjoy! anything problem you can leave your coment here! i will try to help later.


hotsMusic.rar <

DVDFab Gold


DVDFab Gold

DVDFab Gold is very fast and easy-to-use DVD copy software. With just one click, you can copy any DVD to DVDR. DVDFab Gold is brand new, is completely rewritten, is based on more than 6 years of DVD copy software development.

Features Highlight

1. 4 DVD to DVD copy modes available: Full Disc, Main Movie, Split and Write Data.
2. Full Disc: All movies, menus and trailers, is copied to a DVD with just one click.
3. Main Movie: Just copy the movie, with specific audio/subpicture.
4. Split: Copy a DVD-9 onto two DVD-5 discs with 100% quality, and preserve original menus on both discs. Ideal for episodic/season DVD movies, TV series, etc.
5. Very fast copying speed, normally it's about 10 - 20 minutes.
6. Burn to any blank DVD Disc (DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL).

B. Benefits

1. Remove all DVD copy protections, like CSS, CPPM, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs, ARccOS, RipGuard, FluxDVD, CORE X2, etc.
2. Constantly updated to support latest DVD copy protections.
3. Backup scratched/dirty disc:
* Even if some information (IFO) cannot be read, you can still copy Main Movie or Customize.
* Recovery from DVD reading (VOB) error.

System Requirements

* Windows Vista/XP/2000/98/ME
* Pentium II 500 MHz
* 256 MB of RAM
* 10 GB of Free Hard Disk Space
* A DVD-R(W) or DVD+R(W) Drive

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The Punisher (PC Game) 32bits


The Punisher (PC Game) 32bits

very good and intresting game.i have also play in childhood i really like it.

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Pirates Legend of the Black Buccaneer | 60MB


Processor: Pentium 3 @ 1 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
Video Memory: 32 MB
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 9.0c
Keyboard & Mouse
DVD Rom Drive

Password: tuanq82


11 sport icons l icon+PNG(file type) l 2.75


11 sport icons l icon+PNG(file type) l 2.75

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Outlook Express Backup Plus v2.8


Outlook Express Backup Plus is the most popular backup software to create backup copies of Outlook Express email database. This tool can save emails, address book, settings, mail and news accounts, message rules, blocked senders lists, signatures, IE Settings and Outlook Express Settings to a single, compact, encrypted, compressed backup file that can be easily restored when necessary. The email database can be saved on one computer and restored to another, thus making Outlook Express Backup Plus not just a backup utility but also a synchronization tool. The program is easy to use and has a simplified user interface, using wizard to create a new backup project, very useful for beginners. Outlook Express Backup Plus has command-line interface. You can use it to start backup and/or restore process unattended from any script or batch file.

Key Features
* Very easy to use interface
Just one button click you will backup your Outlook Express data after you setup the backup information. The backup information you can save to a backup project file and use the wizard to setup a project
* Upload backup archive to FTP server automatically
You can use Outlook Express Backup Plus upload the backup archive to FTP server automatically after your backup process has finished
* Burn archive to CD/DVD automatically
You can use Outlook Express Backup Plus burn your backup archive to CD/DVD RW automatically
* Ability to choose which Outlook Express identity to save and restore
If your computer has multi-identities, you can choose which one should to be backup or you can choose to backup all
* Password protected for Outlook Express archives
You can setup a password for the output archive, but please don't forget the password
* Ability to save multiple Outlook Express Identities to single archive
All identities are able to save to single backup archive, you can simply select all identities and items in the main window
* Backup Outlook Express database with scheduler
You can setup a scheduler for your backup process, you don't need to do anything and your backup process will be finished
* Command-line support
The program is command-line support, you can backup Outlook Express using your batch script
System Requirements
* Intel Pentium or compatible processor
* Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
* 256 MB memory or more
* 50 MB hard-disk free space

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Asmw PC Optimizer pro


Asmw PC Optimizer pro is a collection of over 30 system-maintenance and optimization utility to tuneup windows performance. Registry Repairs, Remove junk files and zero size files to save valuable disk space;

to prevent application crashes; Startup Manager, to prevent spy applications from running behind your back; erase your navigation tracks to ensure your privacy; Speed up your Internet connection by up to 300%; and much much more.

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Nidesoft DVD to PSP Converter


Nidesoft DVD to PSP Converter is the easiest-to-use and fastest DVD to PSP Converter software, Which can help you convert DVD to PSP Video MP4 file. The PSP DVD software also can rip DVD audio track to PSP music formats, including AAC, MP3.

Nidesoft DVD to PSP Converter is easy to use and converting-fast , which is both DVD to PSP Converter software and DVD to PSP music converter software. It can convert almost all kinds of DVD Video to PSP Video MP4 file with best quality and fastest conversion speed (>400%). As an DVD to PSP music converter software, it can also rip DVD audio track to psp music formats, including MP3, AAC.

Compared with other DVD to PSP Converter software, Nidesoft DVD to PSP Converter supports single-step conversion and flexible title and chapter choices.You can also customize the output file's profile with few clicks, such as video quality, audio quality, subtitle, audio track, volume and so on....

With few clicks, It will finish the task of converting DVD movies to PSP MP4 video and PSP music. You get everything you need to turn PSP into a portable movie player and music player. Now start to experience a new style of life.

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Nidesoft iPhone Video Converter 2.1.62


Nidesoft iPhone Video Converter is the best iPhone converter software to convert many video files and audio files such as MOV, MP4, DivX, ASF, 3GP, WMV, MPEG, AVI,OGG,AC3 to iPhone movies or iPhone music.

Nidesoft iPhone Video Converter helps you watch music video, movies on your iPhone and computer easily with great quality.

As iPhone music converter software,Nidesoft iPhone Video Converter can convert iPhone music MP3, WAV, M4A from popular music files, such as WMA, MP2, OGG, RA, AC3, APE, CDA. It can also extract audio from movies or music video; convert to iPhone music MP3, WAV, M4A.

With variable settings and super fast converting speed to convert iPhone movies, it is an affordable, easy to use iPhone video converter with high quality.

Size: 4,80 MB
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AquaWorld 2008 Icons


AquaWorld 2008 Icons

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CubeDesktop Pro v1.3.1 Multilingual


CubeDesktop creates six virtual and independent desktops, increasing the space you have to work and play. Being the most robust multiple desktop software, CubeDesktop solves the desktop clutter problem once and for all. Each virtual desktop is a distinct working environment. The taskbar shows only the applications opened on the current desktop, greatly reducing the clutter

System requirements :
Microsoft Windows?® XP?„? or Windows?® Vista?„?
1.4 Ghz processor
512 MB of RAM (1 GB recommended)
DirectX 9.0c
3D accelerated video adapter with at least 64MB of video memory

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Ahead DVD Ripper v3.2.1 WinAll


Ahead DVD Ripper is a small tool that allow you backup DVD to VCD2.0, SVCD1.0 or AVI(divx…), MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV. It produces good quality movies in AVI , MPEG1/2 format that take nearly only 1/10 of original size and extract dvd audio and save to mp3, ogg, wma, wav. Ahead DVD Ripper supports charpter encode mode so you can split or rip DVD by charpters in one or several MPG/AVI files. You can also split the movie by time.

After setting the start and stop time position, it will start and stop conversion between the time that you want. Ahead DVD ripper also allow splitting movie by size, the output files will automatically split and fit the destination size. Ahead DVD Ripper has been designed especialy for inexperienced users, it is a simple and easy program. In the wizzard mode, you will really find it just takes three steps clicks to accomplish all the job.

Features included

* Convert DVD to AVI(Divx..,xDiv,MPEG4)
* Convert DVD to standard VCD2.0
* Convert DVD to standard SVCD1.0
* Convert DVD to MPEG1
* Convert DVD to MPEG2
* Extract Audio from DVD to MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV
* Rip and split DVD by chapter
* Rip and split DVD by play time
* Split the output file, set the type of volume you want (74,80Min VCD,ISO Data CD)
* Support NTSC and PAL
* Change MPG/AVI video and audio bitrate
* Change video resolution and aspect ratio
* Change video frame rate
* Select audio track and subtitle
* Automatically authorize driver
* Automatically shut down computer after all jobs are done
* Internal decss to rip encrypted DVD disc (professional version)

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Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor CLONEDVD-AVENGED


Release Group: AVENGED
Release Name: Company.of.Heroes.Tales.of.Valor.CLONEDVD-AVENGED
Release Date: 08/04/2009
Filename: avd-cohe
Source: DVD9
Size: 7.68 GB
Genre: Strategy
Published by: THQ
Developed by: Relic
The expansion to the hit realtime strategy title, Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor features new campaigns to overcome, units to command, and battlefields to conquer. The expansion delivers evolved gameplay mechanics and three episodic adventures including nine new missions, as well as new abilities to master.

Home page - http://community.companyofheroesgame.com/company-heroes-tales-valor



HTC Snap Mobile Phone



HTC Snap supports 2G and 3G technology. It works with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard. It includes an inner function which makes easy to access the special messages with just a single press on button. Its others highlighted features are QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth, Music player and USB. It comes in brown color.
For complete HTC Snap specs and details you can find bellow the HTC Snap technical specifications

Technical Specifications


* GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900
* HSDPA 850, 900, 1900, 2100


* TFT, 65,000 colors
* 240 x 320 pixels, 2.4 inches
* QWERTY keyboard

Weight & Dimension

* 120 g, 4.23 oz.
* (116.5 x 61.5 x 12) mm
* (4.59 x 2.42 x 0.47) in.

Memory & Processor

* Unlimited entries: with multiple contact storage entries
* Unlimited records (received, dialed & missed calls)
* RAM memory: 192 MB
* ROM memory: 256 MB
* Expansion Slot: microSD up to 16 GB
* 528 MHz processor

Data Service & Connectivity

* GPRS Class 10
* EDGE Class 10
* HSDPA 7.2 Mbps
* Bluetooth v2.0
* microUSB v2.0
* WLAN: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g


* MP3, Polyphonic
* Vibration


* 2 MP, 1600 x 1200 pixels
* Video recording


* Standard battery, Li-Ion 1500 mAh
* Stand-by time up to: 380 h (GSM), 480 h (HSDPA)
* Talk time up to: 8 h 30 min (GSM), 5 h (HSDPA)


* SMS, MMS, Email, IM
* Hands free
* T9 text feature
* Trackball navigation
* GPS, a-GPS Support
* WAP 2.0, xHTML, HTML
* Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard
* Pocket Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF viewer)
* Video player: WMV, ASF, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, M4V, AVI
* Music player: AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR, AWB, QCP, MP3

My Video Converter v1.2.22


My Video Converter is a powerful video tool to convert all popular video formats to AVI, MPEG, VCD, DVD, WMV formats.It can convert almost all video formats, e.g. AVI/DIVX/XVID/DIV, MPEG/MPG/DAT, WMV/ASF/ASX, RM/RMVB, MOV/QT, 3GP/3G2, MP4/M4V, and FLV. The main features include: adjust output video quality, adjust 4:3 or 16:9 video aspect, all encoders/codec are built-in and any supported conversion can be done once you downloading the software .Fast conversion speeds and high quality , simple GUI and very EASY to use

Key Features of My Video Converter

* Video source supports AVI/DIVX/XVID/DIV, MPEG/MPG/DAT, WMV/ASF/ASX, RM/RMVB, MOV/QT, 3GP/3G2, MP4/M4V, and FLV.
* Convert video to AVI/DIVX/XVID format.
* Convert video to MPEG1/MPEG2 format.
* Convert video to VCD/SVCD/DVD compatible MPEG format.
* Convert video to WMV/ASF format.
* All encoders/codec are built-in and any supported conversion can be done once you downloading the software.
* Batch files conversion.
* Output size adjustment, output quality adjustment.
* NTSC/PAL setting options for DVD, VCD, SVCD exporting.
* Custom define the output audio volume.
* Add letterbox to keep the original aspect ratio.
* Support large video file, even large then 2GB.
* Fast conversion speeds.
* Make excellent output quality.
* Neat User Interface,very easy to use.
* Lifetime FREE Technical Support and FREE upgrade.

File size: 5.8 MB

PC requirements:
* 500 MHz or higher CPU(Intel P4 is strongly recommended).
* Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/VISTA.


Registry Repair Wizard scans the Windows registry and finds incorrect or obsolete information in the registry. By repairing these obsolete information in Windows registry, your system will run faster and error free. The backup/restore function of the tool let you backup your whole Windows Registry so you can use it to restore the registry to the current status in case you encounter some system failure. Besides above, the startup and BHO organizer feature let you manage your startup and IE BHO items with ease, and you can control the programs started with Windows and IE more handy with this feature!

In short, Registry Repair Wizard help you get rid of the bloat in Windows registry and achieve a cleaner, faster system.

Registry Repair Wizard Features:

* Automatic Registry Scanning and Cleanup
* Backup and Restore the full Registry
* Startup Organizer
* IE BHO Organizer
* Improve system performance
* Remove Trojan which utilize startup items and IE BHO

What is Windows Registry?
The Windows registry is a central hierar****al database in Windows used to store information necessary to configure the system for one or more users, applications, and hardware devices. The registry contains information that is constantly referenced during operation, such as profiles for each user, the applications installed on the computer; and the types of documents each can create, property sheet settings for folders and application icons, what hardware exists on the system; and which ports are being used. Windows registry is a vital part of Windows, if it is damaged, your whole system may be corrupted and cannot be used.
Why do you need a registry repair utility?
The Windows registry is a database repository for information about a computer's configuration. The registry keep growing when you use Windows. As it does so, it attracts obsolete and unnecessary information, and gradually becomes cluttered and fragmented. With the growing of the registry, it can degrade the performance of the whole system and cause many weird software problems.
What can Registry Repair Wizard do for you?
Registry Repair Wizard scans the Windows registry and finds incorrect or obsolete information in the registry. By fixing these obsolete information in Windows registry, your system will run faster and error free. The backup/restore function of the tool let you backup your whole Windows Registry so you can use it to restore the registry to the current status in case you encounter some system failure. Besides above, the startup and BHO organizer feature let you manage your startup and IE BHO items with ease, and you can control the programs started with Windows and IE more handy with this feature.

In short, Registry Repair Wizard help you get rid of the bloat in Windows registry and achieve a leaner, faster system.

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RoundCube Webmail is a browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface. It provides full functionality you expect from an e-mail client, including MIME support, address book, folder manipulation, message searching and spell checking. RoundCube Webmail is written in PHP and requires a MySQL or Postgres database. The user interface is fully skinnable using XHTML and CSS 2.

Project news XML/RSSkiun

Update 0.2.1 released2009/03/10

This service release includes more than 40 bug fixes, security improvements and completes some missing translations. We also added TNEF support to decode proprietary MS Outlook attachments (winmail.dat) and tuned the performance when displaying a message.

Version 0.2-stable released 2008/12/30

The second stable version of the RoundCube Webmail package completes unfinished work from the 0.2-beta release and comes up with about 80 bugfixes as well as some performance improvements. The upgrading process now became very easy with the integrated update script. It's runnable from the shell or from within the web-based installer. Read the UPGRADING instructions for details.

Security update for 0.2-beta2008/12/16

There were two security issues reported which are now fixed. The first was as possible code injection using the html2text conversion script. The other exploit used the unchecked size parameters of the quota image to let PHP create huge images eating up all the server memory.

Version 0.2-beta released2008/09/21

This new version comes with many fixed bugs and some new features like
- collapsable folder tree
- auto-detection of client language and timezone (20 comments)

We now accept donations!2008/06/13

After getting several requests about donations for our project we decided to open a PayPal account for this purpose. But donations to RoundCube Webmail will be passed to charity projects, mainly the KANTHA BOPHA Children's Hospital in Cambodia.

For further details please visit the project page at sourceforge.net

Pakistan, Afghan Envoys Say Barack Obama aid Not Enough


WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama’s anti-terror escalation may not prove enough to break the back of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, the Pakistani and Afghan envoys here warned.

Both ambassadors called on the United States and its allies to provide more cash and military tools to defeat terrorism on the battlefield and alleviate the poverty and ignorance that sustains extremist ideology.

Pakistani envoy Husain Haqqani welcomed the new Obama strategy, but contrasted the aid given to nations with the multi-billion-dollar bailouts extended to US companies in distress.

“The resources that are being committed may look big to some but very frankly, I think that a company on the verge of failure is quite clearly able to get a bigger bailout than a nation that is accused of failure,” he said.

“Why does Afghanistan or Pakistan get less resources allocated to solving a bigger problem (extremism) … than say for example some failed insurance company or some car company whose real achievement is that they couldn’t make cars that they could sell?”
Obama last month put Pakistan at the center of the fight against Al-Qaeda as part of a new strategy dispatching 4,000 more troops, in addition to an extra 17,000 already committed, and billions of dollars to the Afghan war.

Afghan ambassador Said Jawad, speaking alongside Haqqani at a forum organized by Washington’s Atlantic Council think-tank, also said Obama’s new strategy marked a welcome reorganization of US goals.

But he stressed that Afghanistan needed more help for a major expansion of its security forces, from the 134,000 army troops and 82,000 police personnel foreseen in the Obama plan.

To counter the resurgent Taliban, he said, the Afghan army should number at least 250,000 and the police 150,000.

XP Smoker Pro 5.4 | 4.22 MB


XP Smoker Pro 5.4 - Is the newer more powerful version of the Award winning tweaking utility designed specifically for Windows XP a.k.a WinXP. XP Smoker Pro allows you to change a multitude of settings in the registry. These settings can improve the performance of your computer drastically.

XP Smoker Pro includes a State-Of-The-Art internet optimizer that runs a series of tests to optimize your internet connection for blazing fast surfing no matter what connection speed you have whether it be broadband or dialup. XP Smoker Pro Includes 94 extra security settings and tweaks to get your PC truly smokin!. Compatible with Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2).

XP Smoker Pro now includes "DriveFreeze" a new feature to lock down your removable storage devices so nobody can use them without your permission. You can lock down USB drives, CD-ROM/DVD drives, and floppy drives

-- Performance Tweaks
-- Performance Tweaks /w "FileCache Boost" Option
-- Performance II Tweaks
-- Miscellaneous Tweaks
-- More Tweaks
-- Shell Tweaks
-- Shell Tweaks w/ "User Account Control Button"
-- Service Manager with Service Configuration Presets
-- Internet Explorer Tweaks, Temp Internet Files Cleaner, & Index.dat file cleaner.
-- IE Spy Ads with IE Spy Ads Updater
-- One Button Auto Tuner
-- Startup Manager
-- Startup Manager w/ "Add items to Startup" Feature
-- Internet Optimizer
-- Disk Usage Tool
-- Disk Cleaner
-- Shared DLL's Registry Tool
-- App Paths Registry Tool
-- Shell Browser Tool
-- Control Center
-- System Information
-- Firewall Control
-- Toolbox - 6 Powerful Tools
-- 19 Start Menu Security Tweaks More Info...
-- 13 System Security Tweaks More Info...
-- 25 Desktop & Explorer Security Tweaks More Info...
-- 25 Control Panel Security Tweaks More Info...
-- DriveFreeze More Info...
-- 12 Login & Authentication Security Tweaks More Info...
-- Password Protected
-- Restore Point Creator

System Mechanic Professional


System Mechanic???® 7 Professional is five complete products in one integrated package: everything you need to keep your PC safe, fast, and error-free. Fix problems, boost performance, eliminate crashes, defend against spyware, viruses, and hacker threats, and much more. Use one centralized system dashboard to automatically perform all vital PC maintenance..

More than just Internet security, System Mechanic???® 7 Professional is a complete solution for PC protection, system optimization, and trouble-free maintenance. You need more than just security software to keep your PC running right. Without regular internal maintenance even the best protected PC will suffer problems and eventually grind to a halt. System Mechanic???® 7 Professional contains all of the tools you need to defend against threats, and also keep your PC running smooth, fast, and healthy from the inside out.

Trusted by millions worldwide, System Mechanic???® Professional sets a new standard for total PC security and optimization in one integrated package.

World-Class Internet Security
??? Block spyware and other dangerous software
??? Shield your PC from viruses, worms, and trojans
??? Defend against hackers and identity thieves
??? Prevent unauthorized access and remote attacks
??? Repair dangerous Windows security vulnerabilities

Total PC Optimization, Repair, and Maintenance
??? Complete one-click repair, acceleration, and cleanup
??? Streamline Windows by removing system and Internet clutter
??? Fix annoying errors and prevent them in the future
??? Increase system and Internet performance up to 300%
??? Optimize settings for maximum speed and stability
??? Automatic care provides hassle-free ongoing maintenance

System Mechanic???® 7 Professional Features:
* Optimize your PC for peak performance
* Repair problems and errors, and prevent them from re-occurring
* Clean up system clutter
* Remove spyware and fix security vulnerabilities
* Maintain reliability and speed
* iolo AntiVirus????? - protect against viruses, worms, trojans, and other threats
* iolo Personal Firewall????? - protect against hackers, Internet intruders, and other unwanted communication
* Search and Recover????? 4 - recover deleted files, photos, email, and more from any drive or media
* DriveScrubber???® 3 - securely erase data from your hard drive

5 Products in One - 5 award-winning products from iolo give you the ultimate combination of Internet security and PC optimization in one package.

System Mechanic???® 7
Keep your PC running like new ????? fix problems, boost performance, eliminate crashes, defend against spyware threats, and much more. Its one-click power tools automatically perform vital services by diagnosing, reporting, and resolving computer problems and performance issues.
??? Optimize your PC for peak performance.
??? Repair problems and errors, and prevent them from re-occurring.
??? Clean up system clutter.
??? Remove spyware and fix security vulnerability flaws.
??? Maintain reliability and speed.

iolo AntiVirus?????
Shield your PC from viruses, worms, trojans, and other threats by using an advanced real-time engine that provides continuous maximum protection. Fully integrated email protection scans messages as they are transmitted, and an intuitive interface makes it easy to activate scheduled system inspections for a permanently virus-free PC.
??? Real-time detection and removal of viruses and other PC threats.
??? Scans and disinfects email, attachments, and other files.
??? Hourly virus updates give you the latest protection.

iolo Personal Firewall?????
Block unwanted communication to and from your PC, keeping your private information safe from hackers and identity thieves. The proprietary IntelliDefense????? system takes out the guesswork by automatically deciding which programs should connect to the Internet. Now you can work or play without the hassle of being constantly prompted to monitor your PC???????s traffic.
??? Block hackers, Internet intruders, and other unwanted communication to and from your PC.
??? IntelliDefense????? technology provides advanced protection without annoying program communication prompts.

Search and Recover????? 4
Recover deleted files, photos, movies, email, and more, from any drive, disc, camera, music player, or memory card. Proprietary StrongScan????? and SmartScan????? technologies allow you to recover information after the worst PC accidents and disasters ????? even years after the data was lost.
??? Rescue deleted files, photos, email, and more from any drive or device.
??? Optimized interface and one-click operations make recovery fast and effective.
??? Proprietary search technology finds deleted data that other products miss.

DriveScrubber????? 3
Prevent your valuable information from falling into the wrong hands by overwriting and removing all data permanently, beyond anyone???????s ability to recover it. In addition to wiping away all data, DriveScrubber can regularly wipe only deleted data, keeping the existing files and operating system intact
??? Permanently wipe sensitive data before selling, donating, or recycling your PC.
??? Restore your drives to like new after virus or spyware damage.
??? Meets and exceeds U.S. Department of Defense disk-sanitizing standard.

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