Antechinus Animator Professional 8.6.3

Antechinus Animator Professional - Easily create animations, videos, images and sound. Unique animated effects. Antechinus Animator Professional easily creates and edits animations, images, videos and sound files: Over 40 formats supported.

Have your first animation running in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES with morphing or multitudes of other animated effects. No need to guess: see in real time what happens as each option is changed. Show-case your product/service or enhance your family photos with stand-alone musical slide-shows. View and organize all images on your computer. Save time: process, convert, and do multiple changes to multiple files in ONE SINGLE go. You can even do it from other programs or command line. Waste no time on repetitive animation/imaging jobs - Animator automates intelligently everything that can be automated.

Do with ease common animation/imaging tasks: merge animations with sound files, extract images and sounds from videos, or put videos or sound files together.
Give new life to your family photos: enhance and perfect them with over 30 filters and effects. Optimize files to load your web pages up to 75% faster. Reduce the size of already compressed images by further 40-65% with the best compression tools available. The preview lets you see how the image will look like and how big it will be in the optimized state. You even know how fast it will load depending on your visitors' connection speed with the built-in download time calculator.

Also, create roll-over buttons for the web with one click, and visually create image maps. Enhance the visual appeal of your images with drop shadows, embossing, and blending. Illustrate your documents, presentations, web pages, or applications with advanced screen and resource capturing. Capture anything of any shape you see on screen, manually or automatically, or capture images, icons, and cursors embedded into programs (.exe) and dynamic libraries (.dll). ever before seen precision polygon/freehand capturing with zoom preview. Capture images directly from scanners, cameras and other devices, to retouch and perfect them.

Supported Animation/Video formats
Audio Video Interleaved (avi). This format is widely supported, with varying quality/compression ratios depending on the codec you select. Avi files can contain sound.Autodesk FLIC/FLIC-Pro (flc, fli). This is a 256-color animation-only format.CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format (animated gif). This format is Widely used on the Internet. Animations are highly compressed and can have up to 256 colors. Animated gif cannot contain sound.High quality Audio Video (hav). This format is rarely used, but useful for lossless compression of audio and video. Mpeg (mpg, mpeg, mpe, m1v, m2v, mpeg4). This format is widely supported and highly compressed. MPeg files can contain sound.QuickTime (mov). This format originated on Macintosh, but is now widely supported. It offers multitudes of compression types.Windows Media Video (wmv). Lean, efficient Windows format. It comes with the set of profiles defining the output quality and other properties depending on intended use (intranet, dial-up, broadband, etc).

You can also batch convert multiple animation/video files from one format to another:

System Requirements
Windows 95/98/2000Me/NT3.x/NT4.x/2000Pro/XP/Server 2003/Vista

Program full tested and 100% working.




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