Track what your visitors are doing on your website

Track what your visitors are doing on your website.
Every webmaster wants to make a dynamic website in which there is 1 admin panel to control or to track their visitors/users for what they doing on your website and to make dynamic websites you must know any server side language like PHP,Phython,ASP,ASP.NET and more.But how can we do this if we don't know any one from them.So,no problem guys userfly has solved that problem now you track your users without making dynamic websites.
Just follow me guys.

And in secounds you can get movies of your users’ browsing sessions to analyze their behavior.
First of all click on this link.

And provide your details after that you will get a small javascript like that.
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
Put this scipt just after the Head tag of your website.
Now you can track your visitor and watch what they doing on website.
Hope you will enjoy this.
Thanks Bye.


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