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Internet Accelarator

internet accelarator
Okoker Internet Accelerator is an internet toolkit which accelerates your connetion speed. You can optimize your windows settings and get a very fast internet or TCP/Ip connection easily and quickly. The only thing you need to do is to goto Settings Dialog and select your connection type, then it will optimize your computer. There are 6 kinds of automatic connection types for you to choose. Okoker Internet Accelerator helps you not to hang behind your downloads with its supports to Dial-Up Modem, Cable Modem, PPPoE, ADSL/HDSL/VDSL, ISDN and Lan connections.

> Accelerate Lan connection speed.
> Accelerate ISDN connection speed.
> Accelerate PPPoE connection speed.
> Accelerate Cable Modem connection speed.
> Accelerate Dial-Up Modem connection speed.
> Accelerate ADSL/HDSL/VDSL connection speed. .




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