Google Chrome Theme for Firefox

Google Chrome Theme for Firefox
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Google chrome has got a good design, and firefox isn’t less beautiful and good looking. But still, the Mac OS users who want to have some feeling of using Chrome until its released, can have the design similar to Chrome.

It is Chromifox add-on for firefox browser. The add-on theme actually has nothing much in difference, except the top bar and the tabs section which exactly looks similar to Google chrome.
The theme looks very professional and the tab loading status also has the revolving image similar to what you see in Google chrome in Windows.
This theme works only in Firefox 3.0 version and if you trying out the same in Firefox 3.1, you should search for Chromifox 2. Chromifox works perfectly in firefox 3.0 of both Windows and Mac OS X.
Its one of the most popular themes used in firefox browser, and surely has the potential to get downloaded and used.

The small pop-up boxes appear shiny and good when the theme is running.



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